July 18, 2011

What are the benefits?

  • Frefdgojtfjfjffddh

    this website totally sucks

  • Yonnie

    Carbon dioxide tax – pollution tax.   But no disincentive to use petrol. This is just socialism and wealth distribution disguised as a climate policy.  Read the details of the package.  Australia’s emissions go up!! What a joke.

  • Kianga40

    It Is no bloody joke my friend, this is for real, your kids and there kidy won’t like people like you, if we don’t act now

  • Fred

    I agree.. the website is a tad hard to navigate.. or do you mean that the information is not to your liking?

  • Quantum of Solace

    With massive black coal contracts to export coal to China.
    Massive 25 year contracts to dry and sell Victorian brown coal to India.
    No Federal Government plans to actually build renewable energy generating capacity. With offsets to compensate the polluters. ourselves for our own consumption. With population growth heading for 10 billion by 2060. this tax will do nothing but move our pollution offshore where there is no tax or carbon trading.
    It is brand differentiation and bribe. Vote for the other mob and not get the tax offsets. Nothing to do with Climate Change. Not one kg of coal will be spared.

  • Didgi69

    what a load of crap your kids want like you in the future ,this is one big tax scam ,tell me earth quake and a volcan is due to us and what about the sun come on im a tea pot ,just go back look at the volcanoes that have errupted and i bet youll find some place on our planet you have had huge flooding ..these carbon freaks really need to wake up and stop the rich bullshit scam that the rich are hitting on us .. 

  • Serpentsounds

    and for those the government giving us back say 300 you still out of pocket and with all the other bullshit taxs this gillard government has put on us …this tax is one bullshit scam ..next election this government is out …oh one other what was this flood levey tax all about ,you let people build near a river you allow areas to build in flood zones push houses so high leave empty land and allow houses to rise so high and allow land to rise that high look i could keep on going but this is the biggest down right bullshit scam i have seen you all will pay and i bet they go to church and in that book they read it saids do not tax the people more taxs in the last 2 years then the whole australia political history ..wake up australia give me your money if you want none ill take it because thats what you are doing

  • Anonymous


  • Bandhritchie

    Whyn can’t this show tell us what we may receive in helping pay the increased bills and when??

  • screw_u

    I agree with everyone’s current comments. The Carbon Tax has no good side to it for many of us (most likely everyone). I feel as though you’re simply playing around with people’s money when you have no idea what it is like for people at the moment. To say this is good tells us you have no sympathy.

  • ConcernedIndividual

    What a load of shit

  • May

    JAT! (Just Another Tax)!
    BTW… haven’t you noticed that they DIDN’T answer the question they offered to>
    No. They just said WHY we NEED it..
    Not HOW it will improve the quality of air we breathe.
    We are being charged for the filthy air we are currently breathing!

  • Anonymous

    There are no benefits to the resident being Carbon Saving. The Australian Government has allowed the Electricity Retailers to collect the Carbon Tax from electricity users who generate all the power they use on their own solar panels.

    That’s right. Look at your bill.

    Householders with solar panels pay the full rate of Carbon Tax for all the electricity they use to the Electricity Retailers. I don’t know how or if they pay it to the government or just keep about $500.00 a year that should be repaid to the owners who invested their money to make Australia greener and better. But some greedy element is ripping them off.

  • Endoreticuli@gmail.com

    Fuchin’a. Do you Aussies real swallow this govt horseshiet? You’re better than that. The rest of the world has figured out this is just ecomentalist diarrhea. Ignore it. We’re pulling for you.

  • michael

    how do carbon tax