July 14, 2012

Craig Emmerson on the Carbon Tax

What do you all think of his performance? Does Craig look like a clown, or was he making light of all the doomsday hyperbole that’s been tossed around regarding the town of Whyalla? Post your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks to Geo-logix the environmental consultancy for their help.

  • IHateCraigEmmerson


  • Anonymous


  • Pm Allison

    Typical bogan response from mindless convict spawn. 

  • Doug Haddock

    Craig Emerson lived over the road from me and my daughter used to be called over to babysit for him. He would never pay her for up to six weeks then we had to chase him up. Years later my daughter told me that he used to parade around in front of her (she was about 12 at the time) in his underpants. If I had known then what I know now I would have adjusted his facial expressions with a crowbar.

  • Anonymous

    What is the point in trying to be Carbon conscious. The way you pay for your electricity, you must pay the carbon tax even if you generate all your electricity on pollution free solar panels.Australia doesn’t have a Carbon Tax ,we have a deceitful electricity usage taxon top of GST.

  • David Singleton

    Craig Emerson is a two face lying selve interested scumbag, he treats the Australia people as idiots and that is what labour will be hoping for at this election, telling us lies and hoping we are daft enough to believe them, the people who elect persons such a emerson realy need to have a good look at these people. Emerson always tells us that Tony Abbott has no policies, yet when asked about the labout policies he quotes Tony Abbotts policies.
    I always voted for labour believing they looked after the people, but people like emerson make me sick, I will vote for Tony Abbott this time.