July 11, 2011

Household Compensation Calculator

You may utilise the calculator below to figure out what compensation you are entitled to under the new carbon tax. It is provided by the government website Clean Energy Future.

  • S179458

    This is fucked. Looks like ill be paying an extra $400 per year for this shit

  • Rodders

    Its going to save me $10. Amazing that they calculated that down to such a small domination last month. Considering stuff like rubbish dumps were never considered. LOL .. That already makes it -$25 ..
    Go to an election and lets ask the people of Australia how they feel about being lied to and forced to eat another green/labour TAX.

  • Blessedby7

    Shame the calculator doesn’t take into account much of anything. I was completely left in the dark after trying to make heads or tails of the carbon tax calculator. We do have a large family but we use much less electricity and water than most families half our size but because we earn over a certain amount we have to subsidise everyone else who uses these things with no concern for the environment.

  • Fran Blume

    Let Australia vote on something that we were promised would not happen.  This Prime Minister is dividing Australia on such a number of issues she should be held to account by an election.

  • Doylesport

    How crap is this tax. I earn $500 a week and my compensation is $6.21 a week!! That won’t cover diddly squat when every shop and carpetbagger under the sun will use this as n excuse to jack up prices. Anyone who thinks they won’t is welcome to pay my rent for me. For the first time in my life I am voting Liberal.

  • Wazza of Perth

    All this for no god reason. Places like China or USA I would understand but Australia ? Havent our pollies got anything better to do than bickerabout each other whilst trying to get themselfs in the history books? All these changes to our unbroken systems are going to resalt in one thing if it hasnt already.  

  • Helearn D Barnes

    You bunch of whiner’s and trolls! Grow up and consider the facts and stop spreading lies to further your ideology. This is not a game of footy that you take sides on……stop being so tribal and consider the fact with some bloody civility!!!!!!!

  • Burnsrich

    Australia voted on it in 2007. Both major parties we in bipartisan agreement. Tony Abbott and the liberal coalition lied in 2009. By abandoning their on policies for headline/political games. Just like the gst

  • Burnsrich

    You dickhead, this tax will only affect your choice of product……carbon expensive or carbon light. Carbon light will win in the end whatever policy is in place. The intent is to reduce your impact rather than stop yo living. You want to see national shut down then vote with Tony Abbott and Alan jones.

  • Burnsrich

    Perhaps we should speh more money on literacy, looking a our comment.
    Australia has a ridiculously high per capita carbon expenditure. We could all cut back a bit and show leadership rather than keep following. Real income comes from leaders not followers.

  • Doylesport

    I voted Green at the last election Dickhead, so I might just take your well thought through advice. The working poor are being shafted in this country to make you middle class do-gooders feel better about yourself. Why should we care about the future when no one gives a shit about our present ya great wally. How do I choose not to eat ya goose?? On $500 a week I’m sleeping in my car in Canberra three days a week to save on fuel as it is. And you wonder why society is getting more violent!! Wake up to yourself you privileged wanker.

  • Doylesport

     Classy way to win an argument you gutless scumbag. Just attack the person, don’t address the issue. Why are we getting a lower standard of living all the time while your super-wealthy mates get richer and richer? This is just another scam that shifts the costs, and risk, from your corporate friends across to the household sector with nothing but miserable pseudo compensation. It is shite.

  • Doylesport

     I’m living on $500 a week and sleeping in my car three nights a week in Canberra to save on fuel as it is. This has nothing to do with ideology, this is about having our standard of living ratcheted down even further. You’re getting ripped off by your corporate mates and you think we are supposed to cheer? If this plan was fair dinkum we wouldn’t be relying on purchasing offshore carbon credits, instead we would be building publicly owned renewable energy on a m,assive scale, a la the Snowy Scheme. But we’re not. It’s just window dressing to impress fools like yourself. In the meantime my grocery bill is squeezed further and my compo? $6.80 a week. How cxrap is that? This is an attack on the working class by a privelged and ignorant missle class.

  • Doylesport

    Australians voted in 2007 to get rid of WorkChoices and Gillard (as Minister and PM) kept the most odious parts of that piece of Howard’s legislation intact. Yoiur Rights At Work was the onbly game in town in 2007, so don’t rewrite history because it makes you look like a bigger fool than you already are.

  • Dave

    Not sure if everyone here is reading this right.

    If the carbon tax goes through, I’m better off by about 50 bucks a year.

    And my son won’t be wondering WTF was wrong with my generation that we sat idle while the world burned.

  • Dave

    Hey whatever you think about this, it this isn’t an attack on the working class.

    Tony Abbott called it disguised socialism because it takes from the rich and gives to the poor.

    If you are earning big bucks and don’t have kids maybe it makes sense to oppose this. Maybe you’ll get lucky and pass on before the consequences hit.

  • Dave

    We have been getting a lower standard of living because average real wages have been falling since early 1970s.

    Because taxes have increased for the bottom and decreased for the top.

    Now for once, the tax is increasing at the top, and decreasing at the bottom. Lower income earners get more back than they lose – so if you ARE at the bottom, this is actually good news.

  • Doylesport

    Like hell it is. It is just shifting the risk (the cost) from the corporate sector to the household sector (the consumer). the compensation is totally inadequate and the only beneficiaries are those who will charge a commission on the ETS. The system is underpinned by buying offshore carbon credits – things that don’t have a good track record of transparancy or reliability. If it is such a big deal to you and your kid ask your MP why they aren’t building publicly owned renewable energy generators?

  • Doylesport

     If it isn’t an attack on the working class then why does my standard of living go backwards under this scheme?

  • Me

    So, we’re both working, we have 3 kids and one of us earns more than the other. But this scenario is not available? What the? We are one of MILLIONS of families with the same scenario. Hello? Time for a new government, maybe one who is in touch with the reality of Australia in 2011.

  • Craig

    this is going to kill the ozi family, vote her out.

  • Peter Kane

    Not voting for carbon control will certainly kill the ozi family, vote her IN.

  • Beau

    Just because me and my partner went to school and earn good money , we have to pay $390 exstra

  • Doylesport

    Too late mate. I voted Green at the last election, but our standard of living is going backwards and no amount of environment protection is worth it if inadequate compensation leaves us with a lower standard of living.

  • Juliesavage33

    Just a plain and total rip off to the average Australian Family, some families only just get by with there weekly wage…. get rid of Gillard and the rest of the useless Government, both parties are just full of shit

  • Robmikewheatley1

    OK. Who’s voting labor this time round? Half the tax going back to families?  Where’s the other half going? To there waste of space policy’s. What about us that get zip?

  • getalife

    This is only meant as a tool for people to estimate what the carbon tax will mean for them. If you really are a ‘working poor’ than you will not be losing out. $6.80 a week compo minus $5.00 a week rise in price on groceries = $1.80 gained not lost. Maybe you could cut down on your internet usage as well. You seem to be coming back to this site a lot. Instead of using this informative site as a political forum, you chould get more constructive hobby. Maybe you could grow your own veggies? Or go for a walk and calm down. All that anger is going to kill you.

  • Doylesport

    Sorry for having an opinion on my life! I suppose you think we should just smile and wave flags and cheer our own demise! And shock, horror, a carbon pricing scheme being introduced through political means is somehow (gasp!) perceived as political. Who’d a thunk it.

    You nunce! Of course it’s political. The price of things has been political since the days of Seneca – look him up if you’re as ignorant as you appear.

    And, FYI, not only do I grow my own vegetables, but I also live off the grid. Thank god, as IPART (the NSW electricty pricing regulator) has already granted increases of 62 percent in electricty prices in rural NSW, 24 percent of which is to cover the costs of carbon pricing, so fat lot of good your very unscientific $5 is going to do for people like me trapped in rental accommodation who wish tp use mains electricty to, gee, I dunno, cook and keep warm in winter.

    I’m not angry, but I am passionate about the future of my class, my community and the greater society that it exists in – and if that worries you then maybe you should stick to books with big letters and pictures and stop annoying the grown ups here.

    The point you are missing is that this scheme shifts the risk (cost) from the corporate sector to the household sector with inadequate compensation for households. This is a pattern of the neoliberal economics that both major parties have embraced since the eighties. The fact that The Greens could fall for this “market” based solution is pitifully myopic As is your implied suggestion that people with a dissenting view should just shut up and cop it, an attitude beloved by conservatives down through the ages. Wake up to yourself you galoot!

  • Simon1612

    what a load of shit this will do nothing for the climate as long as china india america keep spewing out emissions its all about labour

  • Tom

    looks like im going to be about $5 a week better off if the calculator is right, but even if I am worse off, I won’t mind. I can’t imagine spending money on anything more important than a safe climate. Of course people will whinge about it but if anything the carbon tax doesn’t go far enough. (It’s an important first step though.) Australians have one of the highest quality of living of any country. Go whinge about having to sleep in your car to someone in Tuvalu who is being flooded. Anyway, this will benefit our economy as the whole world shifts to a low carbon economy, as pollution becomes more expensive it will drive investment in renewables and create green jobs. If you don’t have enough money then do something about it, get a higher paying job don’t complain about a necessary and important reform. Anyone who can’t see the necessity of a price on pollution is uninformed about climate change.
    We all have to choose whether to fight positive change, or welcome it and adapt to it.

  • Leaving for Germany

    Chemical Engineer here, i work for a public water company. My job consists mainly of working on the water supply in conjunction with civil eng guys to make the most efficient water delivery system possible and the current upgrading of major cities water turbines.
    Just wanted to say that i have to pay an extra $745 a year, I will get a $0 lump payment and a $3 tax cut.
    I guess that’s the reward I get for spending every day making our country more energy efficient.

  • Gst03

    It shows how much the Labour Federal Government knows about the effects on the every day to day lives, if they introduce a “Carbon Tax”.
    Firstly as a “Self Funded Retiree” I wil get NO compensation.
    My Superannuation gives me a monthly income and as I’m over 60 years old I don’t pay tax. I’m not entitled to any type of Health Card until I’m 65 years old.
    So for the FACTS.
    I bet you Gillard & Swan didn’t think about that situation.

    In another fact. The Labor Federal Government is a minority government.
    I has to have the Greens on side too stay in government and thus the reason for Gillard’s lie and continued “sucking up” to the Greens and Independants.
    That’s THE ONLY REASON for the Carbon Tax.

    Gillard doesn’t want an Federal Election, as she realises she will loose by a big margin.


  • Catmox

    its a joke- it doesnt cover us/ me/ my family.  they couldnt even be bothered making enough scenarios to cover my family which is not terribly unusual.
    in other words we will not be compensated.

  • Fix what

    The thing is that if global warming is so deverstating to our future why the hell doesnt this tax improve the situation, it only shifts the blame or buys credits.How does this help? And saying it will improve technology with greener production, hell the Research and develement scheme with a 75% tax cut for any new intervention has been around for over 20 years for corporate Australia. It is a tax, and the consumer will bear the costs. What I laugh at is the compersation they so proudly state will compersate any extra cost, OK for one year maybe, what happens after that?

  • Fix what

    The thing is that if global warming is so deverstating to our future why the hell doesnt this tax improve the situation, it only shifts the blame or buys credits.How does this help? And saying it will improve technology with greener production, hell the Research and develement scheme with a 75% tax cut for any new intervention has been around for over 20 years for corporate Australia. It is a tax, and the consumer will bear the costs. What I laugh at is the compersation they so proudly state will compersate any extra cost, OK for one year maybe, what happens after that?

  • Ikijimi

    how blind do ya have to be??? even I will be paying in the end.

  • Yiiippppeeeeeeee!

    As most of you are probably already aware, this site is very bias. The co-production technique which we are using now, the discourse that is all hinged on their being a problem. 

    Politicians act on topics they think will gain them the most votes to stay in office. This is another superficial topic that problem generators have conjured up for the ongoing political debate. It’s a battlefield for Canberra’s proud to rough their floral feathers. And for the Australian people to talk about loudly and suffer and be forced to take a sides in. Or proclaim they care nothing about it. It is a phenomenon that will continue long after the world is “green”. We will see more ice ages. We will see more of the other… 

    All the science, religion, talk.. it is just theory. Go outside. Take a deep breath. Ignore what all the people are saying and just embrace the earth. We are of the Earth?? We are nature!!! This is all very natural. Our species growth? our worry? It is what it is. 

    So everyone, please, this is nothing more than web traffic and people distracting themselves from their inevitable deaths. If there is one thing we can learn from all of this is to not let people tax us on their silly weather forecasts. 

    Or we can strap on some gumboots and grow ourselves some drugs with our organic vegetables and never fart ever again for it will leak methane and that is bad for our little planet. 

  • Millertas

    I thought the opposition were the party of free enterprise and as such believe in the price mechanism (as expounded by Adam Smith). The opposition seems now to be be opposed to a price on carbon and favour a more socialist direct action, or do they believe that Global Warming is not true? A bit of an each way bet imho.

  • Wasting time

    Politician’s lie, they peddle, they manoeuvre, they put a spin on every topic. Because an election at the end of the day turns into a popularity contest, determined not by them but often by biased, mis-informed, impassioned Australian citizens. It is a game that you encourage by believing what you hear on the radio or TV without first looking up the truth for yourself.
    PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN A CURE. Do you remember that old adage? Let’s say those skeptical climate scientists are correct, and increasing CO2 will not have an effect on the various climates of our planet. A number of us will be out of pocket (according to this calculator I will pay an additional $500/annum with no compensation) but we will have invested in renewable energy and efficient living which may save us costs in the long term. But what if they are wrong? What if we sit around and do nothing, waste time pointing fingers at other countries like China and India (who in fact aren’t sitting around doing nothing you ignorant fools), shifting the responsibility and blame. And the climate change scientists turn out to be correct? What if it is worse than they predict? How do we have a snowballs chance in hell to do anything about it then? WHY ARE WE GAMBLING over something so important? Have we forgotten that we are living creatures? Part of and still dependent on other living ecosystems? We do not exist in isolation and to degrade our natural resources is to put ourselves at risk.
    I agree we are all entitled to choice and with that choice comes responsibility. It is time to act responsibly and look at the bigger, global picture here. I’m sorry you have to live in your car Doyle and that this may cost you a whopping $20 but throughout your life you’ve had choices, we all have. I’ve had to work hard for everything I’ve ever earned in life. When they say NOTHING COMES FOR FREE, it’s no lie. A cleaner, more efficient future is going to cost (By the way the tax is only the introduction to an Emission Trading Scheme, it’s purpose is to put a real cost on CO2, it won’t last forever) but I am willing to make the sacrifice and so are many others.

  • Skippyinwonderland

    This is just an excuse for the government to get more money! We are already one of the highest taxed countries in the world!! More and more people are UNABLE to afford to even buy a house or even an apartment. How can we afford basic, necessary rights like these if the basic cost of living continues to increase??

  • Doylesport

    YOU may wish to make ther sacrifice, but corporate Australia – and transnational corporations – certainly don’t, which is why the government they own has introduced a scheme that will see the cost for them shifted to YOU and ME. If you think this is right, or fair, I humbly suggest your moral compass has disappeared up your fundament. If, as you suggest in your scenario (and i see no reason to disagree), the situation impresses upon us the need for action then might I suggest the state, instead of facilitating the cost of addressing this problem being shifted onto those who can least afford to mitigate its effects, actually involve itself in the production of low and zero emission energy as a social utility rather than a profit driven activity. We’ve done this before. Most of the post-war boom was underwritten by cheap publicly built, owned and run energy utilities and even, shock horror, oil refineries. Since the adoption of the latest gimcrack fad to heap fortunes upon the elite kleptocracy of corporate Australia – Messers Packer, Pratt, Lowy, [insert preferred mining CEO/Director here] this sort of public good has been frowned upon because it impinges on the ability of these usual suspects, along with China Light and Power, the Singaporean Government and other Northern hemisphere multinationals ability to gouge extraneous profits out of the household sector under what is laughably known as the National Electricity Market.

    Now, if you want to dance around a fire and wave bits of market theory ar the sky as  way of warding off climate change then good luck to you, but all I see is a continuation of the current SNAFU and a mechanism that simultaneously calms the consciences of a corrupt and guilty middle class whilst enriching those wonderful folk over at the derivatives markets. And given that the whole system is underpinned by purchasing offshore carbon credits to meet its objectives then the amount of carbon emissions reduced by this scheme domestically is one great big duck egg. So, on the social justice test? Fail. On the environmental test? Fail. On the science test? Fail.

    Next time you need to reaccquaint yourself with what a fool looks like, you may wish to ponder the bloke you’re looking at while you’re having a  shave.

  • http://twitter.com/dylandeege dylandeege

    will receive $9.2 billion in compensation to cope with the tax. The pension will rise by 1.7%. The tax-free threshold will rise from $6000 to $18,000.

  • solospace

    You will be better of under a carbon price then you are now (that’s if you earn $500 a week like you said) so i don’t see what your complaining about and if you voted Greens in the last election you should have known that they wanted a carbon price and during negotiations the Green wanted up to $100 a tonne so im not sure what you are complaining about don’t blame the price on carbon for the increase cost of living that will occur with or without a price on carbon at least this way Australia is doing something about climate change and pollution that will impact the health of everyone. 

  • Solosapce

    I don’t think you understand what a carbon price is and how it is going to impact you. Australia is one of the richest countries in the world and you will not be paying any more if you are better of by like $6 just think this way people in some developing countries get paid $1 a day so that compensation is a weeks worth of income, just think that your luck to live in a country that has jobs and pays well

  • Doylesport

    What a disgustingly ignorant and foolish remark. I’m damned sure I understand a carbon price better than you my friend. You support the current package regardless of the fact that the country’s biggest polluters will be able to pass on the costs of the tax to consumers like me; regardless of the fact that intensive polluting industries such as coal mining, aluminium smelting and carbon fired electricity generation will r3ecieve billions in compensation from you and me; and regardless of the fact that domestic Australian emissions will continue to rise under this tax while we plunder your mates oin the third world for carbon credits by crunching down their standard of living as well.

    And then you leap to the incredibly immature and intellectually bankrupt remark that we should be grateful because people in other parts of the world are starving! So? People in other parts of the world are also getting disgustingly rich on shifting their exposure to financial risk from climate change across to the public sector and ultimately households, while vacuuming up billions of dollars in tax concessions, subsidies and straight out kleptomania as highlighted by several leading economists (Google “Extreme Money”).

    My compensation is less than the variation in the cost of my groceries from fortnight to fortnight – so how can it be classed as compensation? How accurate are Treasury’s predictions of 0.7 percent inflation for low income earners who, by necessity, spend a larger proportion of their income on things like groceries, staying alive, etc? What structures have been put in place to compensate for future increases in the carbon price? If lowering the tax threshhold was so necessary for Australia’s most marginal citizens then why did they simultaneously propose to lift the tax rate from fifteen cents in the dollar to nineteen – a four percent tax increase! It is that piece of bastadry against this societies weakest and most economically vulnerable citizens that sticks in my craw – slashing compensation for low income earners and effectrively making us pay for our own compensation!

    Now, stop drinking the kool-aid and wake up and smell the coffee!

  • Con_la_passion

     400 buks per year is nothing dude

  • kiley

    suggest you start looking for a job that at least pays the minimum adult wage and learn how to budget.  Theres people surviving on less than that and managing. 

  • Doylesport

    Kiley, I work for an Australian Corporation that is everywhere in this country. they have embarked on a campaign to crunch down their wages bill by denying overtime, which made our previously low wages liveable. I earn $19.77 an hour, well over the minimum wage, but work is restricted to 25 hours per week. I also travel 170 kilometres to work as there is no work in my own district. I cannot afford to move as I cannot afford rent and do not have a bond in any case – and even if I did i could not afford electricty, with price rises of 62 percent approved by IPART for regional NSW last year. So I have some small experience after thirty years of living out of home in budgeting on a low income. People on less incomes survive because they are supprted by charitable organisations aand have access to concessional services through welfare or they live in Ghettos that are little better than open range psychiatric institutions. If you doubt me kiley, walk around the streets of Dandenong, Elizabeth or Campbelltown after dark and, when you get out of hospital, come and let us all know how you enjoyed those communities. I know, I’ve excaped them and have no intention of going back to that violent fugazi.

    I suggest you wake up to yourself before you make rediculous claims about labour mobility in our current economy and realise that not everyone in the world lives within view of Centrepoint tower, nor do they have networks of mummy and daddy to fall back on when things get tight, as in my situation.

  • Domisera

    I have just used the calculator to estimate my huge rebates. $6 a year.I have read the comments and have been flabbergasted that that people think it will help. 62% increase in electricity charges in NSW in the last two years. Thats obviously not enough.IN fact its the middle income earners who have received the lesser deal in the last few years.We pay the higher taxes,get no rebates or compensation or government assistance.We are part of the so called middle income earners who fell for the NSW governments over  inflated and not regulated property market and paid a ridiculous amount for a modest three bedroom house in the south west. Oh thats right it’s ok that almost 60% of our combined income goes on a mortage.We do not thrive.We subsist.No tax breaks, no family assistance ever, increased compulsory health care etc. No problem for the government big whigs who dont live in our shoes nor ever will.They get the increased wages,allowances and superannuation that is theirs for life even even only serving a few years.
    The most interesting aspect is that Australia is the number one country in the world for imposing taxes on anything and everything it sees as a problem to fix things.No long term stratergies,no learning from other countries and  how they deal with this
    carbon tax.I should be flown around the world,stay at expensive hotels,attend important meaningless conferences on global issues and report back about what needs to not be done.Australia is a wonderful country that as been led by blundering,bumbling blind buffoons for the last 12 years.
    Who am I? Im a teacher who needs to incorporate computer technology in the classroom.All years as of last year in NSW from Year 9 get  a free laptop to help with their education, become a part of the wide web of learning to enhance their education. Positive yes for the children but that ALSO IMPACTS ON ELECTRICITY COMSUMPTION,and IMPACTS ON Australian workers who have to pay for the government policies and regulations .Yes the federal govt wants to help education but this little darling policy will impact on working parents and individuals.The government  does not think long term .They just want to fix things quick.
    Ridiculous politics that do not address the real issue nor the real people who  will be affected.

  • peter

    Sleeping in your car? I highly doubt that…

  • Doylesport


    I live 170 Km from where I live, where there is no work (it’s the bush, the opnly place I canb afford to rent). My chpoices are:

    a) Spend my entire income on fuel commuting to and from work, or
    b) Sleep in my vcar three nights a week to mcrunch down my fuel bill.

    Now, if those sort of life choices distress you feel free to offer me cash on a regular basis to supplement my $500 pw income. Otherwise, suck it up pal.

  • Darren

    So you earn $500 a week from what. the liberals?? if you don’t maybe you could ask for some money from them (they seem to have a lot) for all the free advertising you are giving them. or maybe they are already paying you the $500 a week in which case blaming the labor party for your problems probably isn’t going to help you. Especially when the price of living goes up basically, the same amount, without any compensation, and the liberals decide that they can’t afford to pay you more because they are “having trouble coping”. 

  • Darren

    wow really. that sucks. almost as much as living on 560 NZD a fortnight for 6 months. oh wait it didn’t. i got to go skiing, drink, and party and still managed to save 1500 NZD from it all. Hmm i wonder what you are doing wrong. 

  • Darren

    hahaha I’m sorry. shifting what risk. Who is gaining. which major corporate international companies are backing this. I have trouble finding all these corporations that are getting so much risk free benefits out of this. Isn’t every major polluter and retail and manufacturing company in Australia, as well as international ones, opposing this and calling the Gillard government fools. If not, sorry for half believing a small fraction of the major newspapers. I shall endeavor to ignore all carbon tax articles I ever read in any of the major newspapers that concern big business from now on. All those companies that are calling for and end to the tax must be secretly supporting it. 

    All hail this doyle genius for revealing another conspiracy theory.

  • Darren

    we are so much smarter than America, say Australians. We are smart enough to realize that global warming is a problem and we need to do something about it. we say that china should invest more on improving its peoples way of life and that as a smart nation, we have managed to avoid the worse of the gfc. Yes such a smart nation. 

    So the government of this smart nation decides that we will introduce a policy to act on this realization in the most economically efficient way possible (as supported by leading economists).

    30 seconds later:
    Doyle springs into life. unable to support himself on $500 but unwilling to try to get a better job. With apparently enough spare time and money to keep whinging on the internet.
    Beau whinging about earning good money. (maybe cutting back on an suv each will save you more than that 390 extra). 
    All of this lead by the “enlightened” Abbot with his amazing ability to say no and the Gillard government is wrong. oh yes and anything else which opposes the current government (regardless of merit)

    And the rest of the smart Australians. Where have they gone I hear you ask (well not doyle and beau cause they are the rest according to themselves). well they have suddenly realised that saying smart things is one thing, but actually acting on those things can sometimes hurt. And in this day and age, if we suddenly start seeing anything which affects our immediate pay packet. well then this is an outrage and there goes all possible chance of planning for the future.

    So all those who are hell bent on brining up such a whimsy and hypocritical excuse such as they did it too, (would you jump off a cliff if they did) maybe you should stop to consider what you are saying. I imagine you smart people don’t approve of poor living conditions yet if china or other major developing countries were to try and enjoy our lifestyle, climate change wouldn’t be a problem, we would all be dead.

  • Paul

    I wish people would get over this crazy sense of self entitlement. What do people
    mean when they say “what do I get out of this?” – or – “There’s nothing in it for me, I dont get a rebate”… You get the pleasure of knowing you’re doing something right. That you are paying a little bit extra for a
    better outcome.
    Like when you choose to buy a $7 burger with real
    ingredients instead of the cheap maccas version for $5 that’s full of
    crap and very unhealthy. I don’t understand why people can make such
    clear distinctions on simple issues like a home made Nescafe versus a
    coffee shop espresso, but wont make the same distinction when it comes
    to doing things better, cleaner, and safer. No doubt you fill up with
    the cleaner burning high octane fuel too – cause its better for your
    car, better for the environment and gives better mileage. Eventually the
    carbon tax will do the same thing for the environment and the economy.
    It will deliver innovation, which is world leading since no-one else is
    doing it yet, and save our earth at the same time. So much self
    entitlement “what do I get out of this” bullshit. How about nothing. You
    get nothing. Just the satisfaction of doing the right thing. So suck it

  • Leo

    I think you need to relax dude. It will be OK.

  • Leo

    Take some deep breaths my friend, you should seek some help for all this anger.

  • Leo

    And children in Africa have to walk for a day to get water. Get some perspective mate, this change will bring far more good to the world than damage to you or me or anyone else so privileged to live in this wonderful country.

    Try looking inside yourself for a solution to your problems rather than lashing out at others.

    P.S. I’m treating your complaints as serious even though I think you’re actually just a Liberal Extremist spreading propaganda. (we’re all entitled to opinions right?)

  • Jodie

    Least you’re not an American right now, look at the mess they’re in.

  • Darren

    hmm, your a teacher. interesting that you rate yourself that. Ok. 30 years from now, and as a influential country (which we are), most other countries have an ets or something similar. either by compulsory government intervention or a last ditch desperate attempt by influential parties to try to keep our failing but profitable economic system functioning. Australia is still refusing or was slow in adapting to an ets and, due to the major shift in energy production and increased recycling, basic minerals (coal, gas, iron, cadmium etc) have dropped significantly in price. In this word, what has australia got. We have lost our influence cause our major leverage (minerals) is now ineffective. Countries that we used to trade have stopped, either because we don’t have an ets, or the demand is not there and as such we have lost a lot of influence. Technologies we are most suited to research and exploit (hybrid nuclear power, fusion power, wave/tidal power, solar, wind etc) we either have to import or put up with inferior technology because no one had any incentive to research in the first place or when the technology race was happening (ie now). 

    And your students who “get a fancy new laptop” now to “increase their learning” have what to look forward too. A low paying job in basic manufactoring because people today are too worried about not getting their third computer, or new laptop or their second 4wd. 

    The carbon tax may seem stupid, and may even need changes, but it is the most important first step for the future that australia can take. Not some short sighted knee-jerk reaction

  • Tahnee

    it’s bullshit how only people on pensions benefit… what about the rest of us that work?? we keep getting fucked over… i’m not rich either yet apparently i’m rich enough to pay an extra $380 per year for jack shit.

  • Fartingfatman

    I want to vote on it fuck labour! Fuck greens!

  • Bobo

    This is highway robbery — and further more this so called carbon tax – if it is about hitting the big polluters then it should be based on how much energy one consumes and not on what income one or the family earns.. This is crap, we had solar pannels installed to play out part towards appeasing the piss-pot Greens and Labour Hippies…. Bloody disgusting and the way it was done spells dictatorship in Australia and denies a population of a say by not taking this to an election.

    The end of living and the begining of survival

  • Octogroover

    Sounds like your just a greedy whinger… all I here is WAHHHHH pooor me… what was your point again? I just heard WAH WAH WAH.

    Grow up, get over it, change is coming you can either change with it and take advantage of the oppertunities instead of whinging, or you can fight it all the way lose and miss out…

    Your choice.

    Change happens, deal with it. lots worse off then you.

  • Peter

    Sweet $1046 back, cost extra $422 so I will be better off by $624 per year.

  • Peter

    For starters the ACCC will be the watch dog to keep companies in check to stop ppl getting ripped off, direct your anger to the companies that would look to abuse this at your expense.

    As for your wage…. I earn $430 per week part time, my wife earns about the same and we can afford to pay of a mortgage, living costs a few luxuries and still able to save up.

    If we can do that on less then what you get…. what are you doing wrong?

    Maybe ppl just need to learn to live within their means, rather then get greedy and start whinging about “how you don’t get enough, coz you deserve more…. coz… well just coz you do”.

    And there are ppl on even less, and manage to make do and live a happy life.

    And I havent even got started on the 3rd world countries, to them…. we ARE rich already, were just so ungratefull we don’t realize how good we actually have it… even with the Carbon tax.

  • Peter E

    Wow poor Doyle, everyone go “Awwwwwww” for Doyle, you got it so tough gee how do you manage?

    WAH WAH WAH…(guess who I am? im Doyle!) WAH WAH WAH

    BTW I earn less then you and manage just fine without whinging, what are you doing wrong?

  • Peter E

    Will cost us more to do nothing actually.

  • Peter E

    Well said Paul, Shamefully we have become ungrateful bunch of whingers with greed, always wanting more.

    Whenever I think I don’t have enough I just remember how it is for others in other countries and thank my lucky stars I am here with what I have.

  • Peter E

    ROFL yeah poor Doyle… hes such a douche

  • Peter E

    Maybe your just not living within your means, how much did you house cost? I see way too many couples/families with good jobs going for properties they can just afford which seems crazy when your situation can change any time.

    If you didnt allow for that when you bought well then thats what you get.
    Seems the upper middle class always whinging about their costs, yet a lot have a 600K houses and up? and they feel hard done by? Cmon reality check.

  • Peter E

    Its Doyle again… I could hear the whinging from the top of the page.

    Poor Doyle…. Poor poor Doyle, lets start a charity for him… seeing as he is so hard done by.

  • Peter E

    My guess is your earn more then your share already greedy bum.

  • Peter E

    China has already made massive changes and investments, ahead of Australia. Australian’s have the highest carbon emmisions per person in the world… So its ok for us to live it up at the planets expense because there is less of us? is that what your saying?

    If you were born Chinese knowing you have a lower carbon footprint then an Aussie, knowing that Aussie lived it up but expected it was their right… even though it effects everyone, you think you would swallow that?

  • disgusted

    carbon tax effect of $696 on my family (as per calculator) but assistance is only at $159…who is doing the math here? Fed gov gone mad…we have to suffer because of this.

  • Sminopoulos

    It absolutely amazes me how people only
    Think of there pockets instead of the
    Environment we all live in. I’m a mother
    With 2 babies and my husband & I are doing
    It tough with our mortgage and all but we are
    Happy to pay for this tax if it is going to do anything
    To help the environment. Big fucking deal if Gillard
    Lied. Give me 1 fucking politician who ever tells the truth.
    Good on her for trying to make a historical change for a better environmental future. She may get voted out if this is taken to the polls, but that only proves how selfish And greedy Australians can be…because Abbott is such a honest, truthful guy!!


    good point but the way tony acts like a child i still wont vote for him

  • Swampy79

    i agree this is fucked the harder you work and more you earn this deadshit labor/green government takes it of you gillard and brown can go and fuck each other

  • Tezzamina

    What rubbish !
    Self-funded retirees are not part of the tax system and not in receipt of Govt. pension benefits !
    No explanation of means of assistance / compensation !
    What is meant by “modest” price increases ?
    Does this mean that GST is imposed on increases in prices due to CO2 Tax ?
    God help us !

  • greensupporter

    There are better ways than this to reduce carbon pollution – don’t punish the people for past poor governmental regulation of industry.  Provide incentives not punishments and everyone will get on board.

  • Ben

    The tax benefits people like you. You’ll get more money.  I don’t understand what you’re angry about.

  • Ben

    your compensation is actually $10 a week, assuming you’re single and without kids.  The scheme estimates your cost of living will rise by $4 per week, so that puts you at $6 better off per week, or $312 per year.

  • trust_tony ????

    I  note with interest that the Coalition will repeal legislation and abolish Climate change when elected. I ask myself what else they will repeal, recind, abolish and reduce in order to balance the budget. I think they would be a government of woe for those who are supporting them.

  • Anonymous

    What is the point in having a tax and then just compensating us for it. LUL

  • maaaaaandy

    i love scabbing money off centrelink x0x0

  • gez

    One income of $45k and no government assistance equals a $6-00 cost. Hard to support it based on “compensation for low income earners”.

  • FED UP

    I cant go on living in this communist country much longer I call for a new PM!!!!

  • Lmanda

    We are a typical 2 income family saving for a house etc, apparently we are going to be $500 pa worse off – and thats what they are admitting to at this stage. Something needs to be done re Clean energy etc, but it should be eased in over several years. Good old Labour (AKA Greens).

  • Tiarna Anderson

    Their compensating the public, that done emit large amounts of Co2. Its the big polluters like mines, and factories that will actually be bringing in the revenue from this tax

  • Tiarna Anderson

    Oi you whinging bitch. I earn LESS than you, travel JUST as far as you, and i still manage to put away savings. Maybe spend less on alcohol and drugs. And people live on less everyday! try the seniors pension for a laugh! but this tax doesnt help them. This tax also doesnt help the environment, which you obviously dont care about, cos you dont live in it, you seem to have your own little world. And i agree with Solospace. If you voted greens last year, quit your whinging, cos this was a major WIN for them, as this is what they WANTED! fucking idiots whinging for whinging sake. grow up, and get used to life throwing you lemons, WE ALL GET IT!!!!

  • Tiarna Anderson

    Someone has to make the path. Why does it always have to be the big kid to do the important things. Underdogs are JUST as capable of making a change. We should be proud to be doing something, and instigating change.

  • Tiarna Anderson

    well actually, if you pay attention to the calculator, the rich people pay more not less. and retorting to a ‘classy argument’ by calling them a ‘gutless scumbag’ just screams ‘hypocrite’. Why dont you quit with your propaganda bull, have a look at what you do have, not what you ‘deserve’ and if you want to be a ‘super wealthy mate’, get off your bum and do something. nothing in life is just handed to you mate

  • Tiarna Anderson

    If you have lived out of home for 30 years, i would hope you have better budgetting skills. I earn less than you, and actually work a full 40h week, yet here i am supporting something that is good for something outside of ME. I would think that as a 40/50yr old, and im guessing your single, maybe you should consider, that maybe the problem, isnt in fact the world, but yourself. Fast food places are always hiring, get a second job if your income is that hard to live on. let me tell you, i, a 19yr am telling you, to grow up, and look further than yourself. The world actually becomes enjoyable if you arent a friggen pessimistic idiot that votes for a party, then objects when they win. Far out.

  • One for all

    But for how long do we all have jobs ?  Is my question I keep asking.  The big companys are they one’s that are going to pay the carbon tax and then that get’s filtered down to the lower in-come and I say cudo to that.  But what if the say up yours the carbon tax is killing my business and they start shutting up shop there goes jobs. 

    I use to work in a manufactoring job and I believe that they do throw out alot of emmisions.  I got let go along with 15 other of my co workers due to the installtion stuff up. (and that is a whole other story)  With the carbon tax ready to hit next year they are expecting to be shut by 2015 if the carbon tax rises as perdicted.  There go more jobs and more people on the dole.   I am all for the carbon tax so long as we this lovely rich country that every one keeps going on about doesn’t lose more jobs to oversea’s country because they can’t afford to do business in Austraila.

  • One for all

    But for how long do we all have jobs ?  Is my question I keep asking.  The big companys are they one’s that are going to pay the carbon tax and then that get’s filtered down to the lower in-come and I say cudo to that.  But what if the say up yours the carbon tax is killing my business and they start shutting up shop there goes jobs. 

    I use to work in a manufactoring job and I believe that they do throw out alot of emmisions.  I got let go along with 15 other of my co workers due to the installtion stuff up. (and that is a whole other story)  With the carbon tax ready to hit next year they are expecting to be shut by 2015 if the carbon tax rises as perdicted.  There go more jobs and more people on the dole.   I am all for the carbon tax so long as we this lovely rich country that every one keeps going on about doesn’t lose more jobs to oversea’s country because they can’t afford to do business in Austraila.

  • Jay

    I seem to be in the Percentage that recieves no financial Benefits from the tax, only costs, and I am only an average income earner (and the lower end of average) ..

    I really hope this money does go into finding Renewable Energy Resources etc, Because there is no guarantee that this will decrease carbon emissions, but does guarentee an increase in costs.

    Western Australia is already an increadibly expensive state to live in and I am not looking forward to my dreams of owning a home getting further from my grasp. And my Household expenses increasing again..

  • Talia

    Out of every thing I have read you have had the best reason why the Carbon tax will work.  Yes I will pay that extra bit more for a burger cause it has really food in it, yes I love my at home coffee, and yes I do use the high octane fuel cause I think Im helping in my own little way.  so if the carbon tax is going to help and I look at it this way.  I believe we can do this.

  • Ncferdy

    Only a matter of time till Labor gets their ass kicked outa here..never to come back again..we need more educated, smart politicians, not idiots…in a world that is struggling, all we need is another tax..

  • Ncferdy

    Only a matter of time till Labor gets their ass kicked outa here..never to come back again..we need more educated, smart politicians, not idiots…in a world that is struggling, all we need is another tax..

  • JWA83306

    Lets face facts ……….. Goverment making money out of stale used air and then paying it back to shut up the down trodden, broke aussies who think that it will save the world …… I love it

  • Mandy

    I love scabbing money off centrelink, so yay. x0x0 mandy voutier

  • Gossip Scabber

    mee too x0x0 gossip disability pension scabber

  • John

    dirty carbon tax for a dirty Prime Minister

  • Reg

    Australian Labor Party a team of trannys on the run or should i say bum.

  • Noel

    Compensation is the craziest part of the tax, pain in the hip pocket is the way to stop people doing something.  Imagine increasing the fines for speeding then compensating people who can’t afford it……..Miss Gillard will pay with her career at the next election (if she actually makes it)

  • Noel

    That is a lie and you know it, this has been forced on to us by the Greens….Labor did a deal with the devil and they will pay.

  • Toomany

    This is certainly bull. I can’t even use the so called calcuator because we don’t fit the family senario they have this for. How stupid. We are hard working and very proud of our 5 children.

  • Boat7575

    Because I work my backside off and earn a higher income in my 60-80 hour work weeks I pay more tax. This is definitely a redistribution of wealth as only a Labor Government can achieve. Bad luck for young people trying to build a house as the Government is NOT telling you the carbon tax will add another $9,000 to the cost of an average house through higher material costs. 

  • Bloggs

    wow, so I just got divorced and the Government will give me $3 per year and it will cost me nearly $750 a year for something not proven – just to appease the crazy Greens, bring on an election

  • John

    My partner and I don’t exist according to this government! One person of pension age and one not of pension age is apparently not an option! Answer two questions and you don’t exist! Bring on an election!

  • Richard D

    the site doesn’t work. Well planned Julia. Gawd!


  • Fred

    A self funded retiree who receives NO govt assistance and pays no tax (super rules) get zilch, zero, nada. However, any increases in food costs, petrol costs etc etc etc will have to be met from own income, thus eroding the savings base. How unfair is that!!!!!! 

  • Paulyates1961

    Does not take into account us owner drivers who have to use diesel..thats a latter on tax add on,, guess what everything we buy goes by road and who will pay for it,,

  • Haze

    yeah Me too – so f..king over this shit

  • Hazegoode

    Julia – u r so out of touch !!!! In fact u r a joke 

  • Meg

    not sure about this, personally!
    1 income 81000, 2 teenage dependents

  • Tsudo

    Gunna cost me n ze wife 500/year (165k income).

    Small price to pay IMO. We’ve been buying 100% green power anyway, so maybe the bills won’t go up (so maybe 300 better off?)

    It’s clear to me that a lot of commentators have little understanding of the premise behind this scheme. Some are woefully ignorant.

    Bottom line is, clean energy costs more. We all use energy therefore we have to pay for it. There is no escaping that fact. There isn’t anyone else who can pay for it. Make the government pay? Need higher taxes. Make the “greedy” companies pay? They’ll have to raise their prices to remain profitable.

    This scheme is good because it decouples the compensation from the activity that incurs the cost. You get the tax cut, but you pay more for energy. So if you put the effort in to become more efficient you save on the bills but still pocket the compensation. Wash n dry your clothes in off peak times. Set the air con one degree higher. Shut the doors to trap the heat/cool in the part of the house you use. Turn off lights. Use energy efficient bulbs. Switch to gas cooking n heating. All these things can make a difference.

  • Shadow

    Me thinks the Labor Party designed this calculator.

  • Carol

    Over $1000.00 worse off and will get worse each year – not impressed!

  • Colinbruce8

    Put the Nation first. Abbot is making a fool of himself. Go the Ranger!

  • Bill

    I hate a dishonest Government. In this calculator and all the talk about carbon tax, they lump the Self Funded Retirees in with pensioners. All costs are supposedly offset by either tax reductions or increases in Government benefits. Self funded retirees, drawing on their super and over the age of 60 do not pay tax and do not receive benefits (at least until they are 65 and even then only if they qualify). They will be hit with the full impact of the tax AND they are NOT FILTHY RICH people. I am only drawing just over $31000 a year so that my super will last. I am now getting hit with extra cost, while the Govt continues to say that I am being compensated. NOT TRUE! Gillard will say anything for votes.

  • Politicians Suck

    This is tax is a f**king joke, just like our governments – both labour & liberal you all are a bunch of two faced bastards that lie.
    You SUCK Julia

  • mitch

    Yep just as I thought Screwed again by a corupt Labour Green Government.  Can’t wait to vote them out.

  • Mike

    Who is responsible for this site? If it’s a political organisation or the Commonwealth Government it should say so. If it’s a private lobby group, it should say so. If the aim is to educate and reassure, judging by most of the comments below, it’s failing.

  • Dross55

    Where do self-funded retirees fit into the scheme of things? My wife and I are retired, we don’t qualify for any pension, we live to a strict budget and use our superannuation and bank term deposits to provide an income. Most people think we must be rich but this is not the case, we live well but under a strict budget regime.
    I think we fall through a crack when it comes to gaining any assistance or compensation for a carbon tax.

  • 4466174

    Well we may as well go back to the horse and carrage,the stimulas package Rudd gave the country must have hurt the the Government alot to dream up this Tax to really stitch us,l really hope Bob Catta in Qld becomes Number ONE to rid this country of a Greeny suck hole & Labour Party infection!!!  

  • Laura

    I would vote liberal but Abott is going to just undo any progress Australia has made just like all the liberal governments of the past. This tax is going to cost me a lot and I will recieve no compensation because I earn a bit. I own my own business and all my money goes straight back into that. I have two power bills and every other type of bill. I don’t want to hand this cost onto my customers but I don’t have a choice.

  • Laura

    Yep, I know the feeling, I drive around 150 to 200km a day 5 days a week and the petrol is killing me. And I’m a full time student who is unable to recieve any benefits even if I move out to get closer in and I’m not able to earn any money because I have no time to work while studying. But sleeping in your car, that is harsh. Is it possible to sleep at a backpackers for $10 a night?

  • MickG

    Try a little research into basic economics and you will see how this ‘new tax’ benefits society.

  • Purtroppo

    poor old S179458. He/she could be using that carbon tax money to improve his/her writing skills.

  • Purtroppo

    poor you

  • Petergm49

    I am wondering how I will be compensated as I am a self funded retiree who hasn’t reached 65 and get no government allowances.

  • Blakdog

    If this govt acted on its rhetoric and enacted an older worker first employment law I would consider voting for it after years of ignoring BS small L liberals & labor thugunionistas. As for all the ignorance out there by anti climate change fools and creepy shokjoks, who cares- they’re morons forever condemned by their stupidity. At least we get low paid tax reform as mooted by Mr Henry..

  • LGC

    fabulous…worse off by $986 per year ($19 per week) – thankyou very much for that slap in the face for a pointless tax…when rest of world come on board maybe i will accept it but until then fuck off..your  a lying joke!

  • David

    A cost of $934  and Julia can not even get Obama to agree to the carbon tax while he is out on his junket.

  • Acgolem

    How is everybody missing the obvious here, INFLATION! Increased prices for every day living and increased personal income to cope with rising costs is the exact definition of inflation. Inflation is an invisible tax on your savings. if you have $50 in the bank you will still have $50 only now that $50 will only get you 3/4 of a tank in your micra instead of a full tank. And just wait until you see what inflation does to rent and house prices. I would suggest buying a house now before the Carbon/Inflation tax pushes it that much further out of reach. Good luck      

  • Concerned citizen

    Anyone visited China lately? Visibility less than 1km from real pollution. Carbon dioxide is a safe, clean, natural product.
    And the crap that only “big polluters” pay. Who do they charge for their products?
    Anyone tried to smelt metals (steel etc) without creating CO2. There is no other way!
    And the huge beaurocracy to administer this will put us at a major disadvanatge to the rest of the world who are not doing anything.
    Just another piece of crap from the worst Australian government ever – it makes Whitlam look good. Everything they touch turns to crap.

  • AK

    Looks like you need to relocate where there is work mate.You beave like the world owes you a living. Nobody makes $500 per week these days. People who do get themselves second jobs and or casual jobs to supplement there income. Loosers blame the world for their shotcomings. Voting green wont do shit. No such thing as poor in Australia. We have elderly and ill people we have to look after and then we have hard workers and loosers who always blame other for their laziness. As for the greens most of them never had a real job

  • Energy Trader

    Laura and Doylesport – while petrol is expensive this has nothing to do with the CEF. The CEF explicitly excludes transport, which obviously excludes petrol too.

    If you are talking about staples (food etc.) given transport is out, any price rises cannot (legitimately) use CEF as a reason.

  • elizabeth

    your absolutely right, instead of just thinking about ourselves and how selfish we are; we should compare our lifestyle with those in 3rd world countries. Children in africa who has to track a mile and as young as 8 years old has to fend for themselves. hunger, starvation and homeless as well as living in a war zone is what some has to deal with everyday. We are living in a privilege country where we have clean water and yet we are complaining about carbon tax. As mention by one of the other posters this is to reduce our impact on what we are doing to the environment. 

  • Janhaynes

    Why don’t our wages go up to compensate for the extra money that we have to pay for carbon tax.  It’s not right.

  • Thisisgreat

    need to bring it on..the sooner the better, should have been done years ago. great to see something positive with long term benefits being done and the tax cuts will help too. positive move all round for my family 

  • Anonymous

    juliar the you are a shocker i hate the fact that you are bringing my country down, you and yourbrown boy and swan boy are the worst thing that happened to the place, keep importing the illegal immagrants becauce you need furture voters you should be ashamed of yourself in all my years in business confidence has never been lower. you are juliar the denier let us vote now !!!

  • Blue

    At the end of the day, we, the voting public get the politicians we deserve so it’s no wonder we have a  brain dead, socialist,green,fuckwit coalition government we have. They have been voted in by all the voters that are just the same as them. Why don’t we all just take a deep breath and hold it for 20 years and just do fuck all. Wake up you fucking morons!!

  • Guy Whitington

    believe the compensation when i see it, more government spin people on low income s struggle now. so called modelling shows price rise of a few dollars a week right! electricity will rise by that alone and every company will use tax the as an excuse so up goes cost of food transport petrol etc

  • Anonymous

    sorry Guy.., the bullshit compo that they claim to be giving us might not even pay for the hike we are all about to recieve in our land rates over the next couple of years, they say 38% of the so called top 500 who will pay the liars carbon tax are landfills, waste contracters and recyclers. 38% or not the rest of the top 500 are trying to become carbon neutral, those who can’t will go offshore. So juliar who is really going to pay the predicted 70 billion $$ you and that brown swan are going to raise in the first 3 years of the liars tax.  Look out home owners and landlords.

    I heard on the news last week Quantas got their first cardon tax bill, the following week Quantas is turning to shit and dropping jobs and services every where who is next in the new gillard economy, seems every week some blue chip company is turning to shit good job juliar, dont worry people we can all get carbon jobs they say there will be plenty of them, fucking liars.

    One thing is for sure the green labour alliance and the performance you have shown us all will not be forgotten, so you better keep importing those illegal immagrants someone will have to vote for the dying labour party, don’t worry browny you greenies might even get a kicking to, what a fucking joke.

    Why does the fucken minority always rule lets have a election now !!!

  • Handr06

    Mick, I’m NOT a researcher, or an academic. To me, it seems that if big business is taxed it will pass that cost onto you and me in the form of higher prices. That my friend, includes higher fuel costs, higher prices in the supermarket, higher council rates, etc. The Government is going to compensate me yes, but it is not going to save one gram/litre of CO2. 
    We do not have enough GREEN fuel,  to supply power to Alcoa, let alone all the Coles, Woolworths, IGA Stores in Melbourne. Where is the money coming from to build Wind Power Farms & the infrasructure to get that Green Power to the ultimate user?
    I’m still waiting for an answer to my questions from 2 weeks ago,
     ’When will we see the results of this Tax?’
    ‘How will these results be measured?’
    ‘Who is doing the measuring’
    MickG, Please DISCUSS these questions with me & see if you can get some answers from Gillard, Swann, Wong, or silly bloody Brown or for that matter any other bloody politician

  • Ronnie

    This tax is screwing the middle income earners. This tax will have no effect on making polluting industries and energy generators change their profile. THEY WILL SIMPLY PASS ON THEIR COSTS. This tax therefore takes from the higher income famlies and gives to the lesser income families. LABOR is supposed to stand up for working families. HELLO, we are a working family. I get screwed by this tax – it increases my costs and I get no compensation. And I am not rich, not by any means. But the biggest problem – IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE POLLUTION GENERATED BY THE ELEC, GAS, PETROL or any other ENERGY COMPANY THAT I BUY FROM.



  • Tim Doyle

    If my household is going to create an amount of carbon that will cost me , what will my 45acres of bush give me in return for eliminating carbon

  • hard2plz

    I get nothing, except bigger bills. Who voted for this shit…noone!!!!
    When do the people get a say? NEVER!!!
    Is it time for a revolution in this country? YES!!!
    Put Australia and Australians first!!
    Stop puttitng taxes on top of taxes, or renaming taxes tariffs, because under the Australian Constitution our government is not allowed to put a tax on a tax!
    So, we are getting screwed both ways by our government because noone has the money to challenge them in the courts for breaking the laws of the Australian Constitution.

    I have a boat ready to leave Australia, and about 10miles offshore we will make up a new language, point it back at Australia and claim to be refugees, we would be so much better off. Who’s in?

  • Shane

    oh dear… she said the day befor the election in the australian newspaper that she WOULD price carbon in this term… the statement about no carbon tax under a govt i lead, made the week earlier, didn’t take into account the HUNG parliment… you know, it means EVERYthing now has to be negotiated with the greens and idipendants… negotiations, something Tony abbott couldn’t grasp well enough to negotiate his way into government… 
    it was not a lie… a lie would be saying one thing while you know it not to be true…. did you predict a hung parliament?

  • Mick

    My rates will rise by 10% $200p.a., cost of food $200 p.a., insurance costs $50 and  electricity $200 p.a. After the tax goes on diesel, food and services costs will rise another 10%. The farmers will not get a cent of that. Local bakers will go broke, our bread will be baked in New Zealand or New Guinea. Our milk will have to become UHT. Bread baked overseas will need more preservatives and will need to have extra sugar as they have in the U.S.A. People on lower incomes will be forced to eat more tinned foods as fresh and frozen food costs rise. This will increase sodium and sugar intakes in those people, health costs will go up. This tinned food will all come from countries without carbon tax. Jobs in manufacturing will go overseas. Because we will now be eating more manufactured foods, which will have to be transported internationally, it will actually increase emissions. Someone really put some thought into this. We will be transporting our carbon emissions overseas. 

  • mrlad

    to true handro6, to true

  • Alex

    What you just said is contradictory.. If Labor are for working families, why wouldn’t they be in favour of progressive redistributive taxes?

  • recalcitrant-rick

    Why don’t you try reading! If you are eligible for no other compensation, which I doubt, your tax free threshold has jumped from $6000 To $18000! That’s $12000 you won’t be paying any tax on! If you going to critisize try reading first! And that goes fo a lot of you. Some of the ignorance on here is astounding!

  • recalcitrant-rick

    Well, I’m no expert, but it seems to me you would gain a tax cut on the first $18000 of income, and I’d be suprised if you weren’t eligible for some extra as well. Contact Centrelink and ask.

  • Egalitarian

    Your condescending response, filled with vitriol is so emblematic of the Left. If someone disagrees with you, it’s out with the insults. Yet, if someone from the Right were to call you a Dickhead, the Left will hound me. Guess what – I won’t be bullied, and I live long enough to see the most incompetent government this country has had the misfortune to have, reduced to the wilderness for it’s disdain of the truth, and disrespect of the Australian people.

  • Guest

    What bullshit my family is going to be $700 odd dollars out of pocket bring on the election and get rid of the red haired bitch 

  • Sin

    See, this is where Australians wrong. Voice your opinion mate, don’t make it about hair colour and gender. It just makes you look like an idiot with an opinion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TassieDave1966 David Hill

    well the theory is that instead of paying the tax the big business that gets slugged with it will reduce its carbon footprint to compensate for the tax

  • http://www.facebook.com/TassieDave1966 David Hill

    you spelt spend wrong …bad literacy that 

  • Bern

    Using the “Estimator” This Carbon Tax is going to cost me and my partner over $500.00 and we certainly are not “rich”

  • Adrian713

    you must be joking Julia. Is it worth selling out the people you supposedly represent so that the greens will support your greed to hold power for 4 years.Your nuts and youve distroyed the labour party for the next 20 years.
     what this country really needs is its own Bastille day.

  • Frased

    What about self funded retirees that dont pay tax and under 65. We are entitled to absolutely nothing

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.galaga Peter Galaga

    My rent is going up $10 a week from 1/ july Thank a lot Julier..

  • Ferret

    Looks good in theory.  Big polluters pay and the taxpayer gets compensated with the idea that the big polluters will change their ways by becoming more energy efficient and embracing clean energy hence a  net reduction in greenhouse gases. Time will tell though if the price is sufficient to make a real difference.  For all those complaining about paying more and then being compensated stating no benefit.  Just think, you will be able to buy a cheaper product from a greener business and spend the extra tax dollars on some ciggies or booze.  That’s gotta be a winner.

  • Fleeced

    Flood tax, carbon tax, income tax, medicare levy, means testing for healthcare, day care etc etc – it will soon be more financially viable for me to give up working. I wonder why ALP were wiped out in Queensland.

  • annon83

    actually $500 per week is very good money if you live in country sa thats a little over the avg income here

  • D Sharley

    This whole system is flawed. only 500 companies are paying more, all imported products are exempt, fuel is exempt and all coal exported is exempt. What a waste of time and money. C’mon if we want to implement change, then implement it. Increasing GST would be simpler and a lot more effective at reducing carbon inputs. The people who can afford to buy more products would bear the greatest burden and those that cant afford to but new BMws would not have to pay. It is a simpler more equitable system that would reduce carbon inputs . Lets start getting smart

  • D Sharley

     Hey Mick, why don’t you do some research and see how pointless this whole exercise is. Fuel is exempt, only 500 companies are paying extra, all coal exports are exempt, so it must be alright for other countries to burn coal. All imports are exempt, that’s right, we don’t buy imported products? Cmon, take a good hard look at what this tax is going to achieve for the environment and you will quickly find, that it will be sweet bugger all. Sorry to dash your hopes

  • dave

     Hey Dickhead Burnsrich, you could not be more wrong. Only products made in Australia from only 500 companies mind you are going to pay extra. All imported products are exempt. So your lovely plasma with 6 stars not going to be cheaper than one with 1 star unfortunately, The five star TVs cost more to build so will cost more. The lovely green hybrids coming in from Japan and Korea, not going to cost less my friend as these companies are exempt from the Carbon tax. Only cars produced in Australia will be affected. Wake up you dumb twat

  • Dave

    This forum is not the place to argue about the plight of African Children. They are the lost people of this world. Unfortunately though, this carbon tax will do nothing to help our environment, but will impinge on people lives for no reason. We are lucky living in Australia, I have a good life and the tax will not really affect me, so if we have to have a tax bring it on, but for god sake make it worthwhile. Tax fuel, transport, imports, coal exports. These things are not getting taxed, thus is why I think it is going to be a waste of every bodies precious time.

  • Dave

     Hi Peter, i agree with everything you said. Young people want everything now and if they cant get it they whinge. We are the whinging country. People entering the housing market need to consider buying one bedroom apartments, not four bedroom 28 square homes. Although if you think the ACCC will stop corruption then think again. They are in the pockets of all the big companies, and love it.

  • Xsor

    ffs, “Australian will be bettor of” with new tax on air -)
    do not forget that this “compensation” is only work in short time 1-2 years,.  THAN YOU GOING TO PAY PAY PAY, MORE AND MORE….

  • disgruntled voter

    voting Labor is an activity reserved only for the feeble-minded

  • SSC

    Well, my household is going to be MUCH worse off- the ‘compensation’ is less than half the estimated impact (and I’ll bet, those figures probably will come nowhere near the reality). Going to cost us hundreds of dollars- thanks, Greenies & Lefties

  • Docker

    The shear administration of this scheme is going to generate more carbon than it would have every reduced….

  • Clinton

    I car pool with mates from work 30 km round trip, we take turns, mayb you could do that, get smaller car, lpg car, motorbike, I know how hard it is to live but mayb you should think seriously about changing jobs really 200 kms a day X 5= 1000kms a week. Get a gas car gets upto 500kms out of 60litres of gas at 0.88cents litre comparison to petrol my saving is about 0.60 litre saving. Im on 20 hours a week $490,

  • `Thanks liar

    The compensation is only going to help those on welfare. Us working poor (formerly known as middle class) again will suffer with paying to support the Government’s fanatical need to stay in power by making this deal with the Green’s and/or trying to get the Budget into surplus in any possible way they can.  The least the Government could do would be to stop lying (as if a word of truth ever passed Gillard’s lips) that it is not going to make the majority of us worse off. Bring on the election.

  • Fabianafusi

    The carbon tax doesn’t make sense,the compensation doesn’t make sense and Julia Hilliard or Wayne swan don’t make sense but the Australian public will see sense when we go to the polls….Julia your fired.

  • ThompsonS2

    There is no compensation for self-funded retirees who pay their own pensions from their own superannuation savings. We cost the govetnment absolutely nothing in our retirement but we will wear the massivley increase cost of power bills with zero compensation. Bring on the election – we have to be rid of these wrecking Labour scum.

  • Irwin

    Only 5 people like this page. LOL

  • Toey of Sydney

    Great idea Elizabeth, lets get all those 3rd world countries developed like China and India are at the moment, then let them breed like rabbits and put even more pressure on the limited resources we have.  I admire Doylesport for his attitude except for voting Greens at the last election (sorry pal)!  This tax will do NOTHING for the environment except put more money in the pockets of lower income earners to buy more plasma TV’s and ciggies.  I look forward to seeing you on TV the next time the news crosses to Africa so I can see your face helping all those poor souls or is your inner city terrace too cosy?

  • John

    Why is a single, childless prime-minister discriminating against other single childless individuals when it comes to compensation?  It is actually more expensive to live as a single person, yet the compensation is lower! 

  • anonymous

    You may not be a researcher or academic but you are clearly too stupid to see that the ‘tax’ which will be transitioning to a carbon trading scheme will give incentive for big polluters to invest in renewable technology. 

  • Kevinbloggs

    Nice blanket reply MickG. Doesn’t explain anything. Just tries to make out anyone who disagrees with the tax is uninformed or uneducated. Do you really know what this tax will do? I can tell you one thing mate, it won’t do a darned thing for the environment. Tiny little Australia will lead the way. Yes, lead the way to economic ruin.

  • Rodstagg

    Who is the ultimate end user of all that big business create. It’s you and me. We pay in the end. So big business just pass this cost on.
    Use your brains for fucks sake.

  • Lcalleja

    This stupid tax is outright theft. I will be paying an extra $800, but only getting $306 back as Government “assistance”. So the Government has decided to stick us with the most expensive carbon tax in the world just so the keep their Greens support intact and Gillard stays in power. What a sick joke. Here’s an idea- lose the tax and lose the Labor-Green government who are strangling the whole country with their taxes.

  • Andsheflies

    I am positive that this tax will deter Mother Nature from doing her thing..Am also positive it will stop the Earth being  baked from the excessive sun rays being emitted through the 2 million odd pieces of metal space junk in our atmosphere, which has absolutely no effect on the climate changes we are facing.. Oh and less we forget that the Earth and every other planet is journeying through the Universe as it always has done and is gaining ground on the galactic center which even the smartest of world scientist have no idea of the ultimate consequences… Maybe it will even stop the magnetic north pole speeding up and all the scientists who claim the magnetic pole does a complete flip every 10 000 yrs, which is over due to happen, are wrong about that going to now occur… even though Major airports across the globe have had to realign their runways to compensate..Thank the Gods the Australian Government can stop nature in her tracks

  • Mel

    OK my family is not rich i dont get no centerlink payment and we struggle as it is from all this tax bull shit and the cost of  living  eg fuel,food,electricity,school fees, ect ect i could go on and on. we dont own our own home and we have a car thats older than me….. you people please let me know how this is going to benefit me for the hear and the now not 10 years down the track if things keep going the way it is now we wont survive 10 years down the track to benefit from this shit that they call carbon TAX… i bet a polly dose nt have to live this ruff in the real world… cause their using my tax dollars to live the high life……

  • mel

    love your post :) you are so right 

  • Dcarno

    well for me i ask why has the gov given away our land & mining to overseas we need money why isn’t our govement mining it to supply us jobs selling it to other nations rep the rewards that way, 10 fold won’t need carbon tax. isnt life hard enough now to [ay all the costs wish I was back in the 70s so much easier I can’t see how people can pay rent food ect plus the extra we will be hit in everything may as well add on another 10%tax

  • Dcarno

    think they better do the sums again $400.00 bull sh– try $1500.00 up

  • Startin1

    Why are you being anonymous, why not put your name to it.

  • anon

    If the government was serious about saving the environment, they wouldn’t still be digging coal out of the ground to export to countries that don’t give a damn about the environment.

  • Peter

    typical , single people without dependents get fucked over , SURPRISE SURPRISE!!

  • Chrisanto

     there niggers who cares anyway we have half that shit here

  • Chrisanto

     i just went to dury service and one of your fine new australian niggers was there with 2 police for raping a white woman who dilevered food for st vincents 3 kids and now her husband will not touch her

  • Chrisanto

     thats the niggers problem australia needs to look after our own

  • Guest

    Given your inability to express yourself without resorting to inarticulate obscenities, I can only wonder why your moronic contribution has not been removed.

  • Pauljohn1952

    this country f;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; need to come back as refugee white the new nigger in this country

  • Eddydj1

    Disappointing reactions, which managed to bring racist comments as well as swearing. Swearing does not emphasise a point, it merely exposes a lack of language skills. I doubt many of the people making comment actually have taken the trouble to read about climate change and the amount of increased carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere and the rate of it’s progress. Mankind can simply not continue polluting the atmosphere, we need to think of unborn generations who will suffer if no action is taken. The point of the carbon tax is implement policy to reduce the emissions, and do not think that this wil not happen. Big business recognises that they cannot simply push up all the prices and that there will be a bonus from using green energy. Other countries are already going down the green path, for one, the U. K. – and they have a Conservative Government.

  • Zorby

    This is crap!! Its gonna COST me $500 a year! How long till Julia goes? I don’t think it can come soon enough!!

  • Herearemythoughts724

    Oh yes they can. It takes energy to make tin cans and
    the ore used to make those cans come from some of the big businesses that are
    heavy Co2 uses that are going to be taxed. Let’s think about this every little
    thing you use takes energy to make and that is where this will come apart. It
    has not been thought out fully and I should know what I am talking about with
    this one. Ok so transports out but materials and manufacturing are not. All energy usage is subject to this tax, so every companies electrcity bill goes up so does their overall costs and that gets passed on.

  • Eddydj1

    The reality is that companies can buy and trade offsets. The actual Tax is a trading emissions scheme, as is practised in the EEC. Modelling has produced an overall impact of 0.7% increase; the offsets more than compensates for that – or do you think that expert analysis is way off line? If so, produce evidence.  

  • coming up empty

    I found this most helpful.  We can now budget for the approx $560 per year cost.  And can look forward to the $3 per year tax offset.  I cannot wait for the next election to show my appreciation.

  • Labor_working_families_LOL

    What a joke. $700 more a year when things are already damn tight with 2 kids. Thanks for looking after “working families”. What a bunch of Labor clowns.

  • smart

    If this government is not going to reduce the price of solar panels then no use of carbon tax. they are collecting more money and reducing rebate on solar energy…what a joke

  • minoritywhiteguy

    Anyone been to blacktown lately ?the africans are cause a massive spike in street crime, there sponges on society. fuck them send the sand niggers home and look after our own, not every minority group with there hand out. Or even better lets trade civil libertarians for assylum seekers, then africa can reduce our number of useless wankers

  • racist fark

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  • Looey

    this is what happens when the countrys run by fags and dykes, this is why we cant allow gay marriage, they fuck everything up they touch to try and leave there mark. lets riseup like in the middle east and drag ourpollys into the street and behead them while singing the anthem. theres plenty of Lebs in sothern sydney who could show us how its done, a raghead can really make a noise when they dont get what they want

  • Misry07

    So my Estimate on here is approx $450 but to Centrelink it’s only $250… what a joke…

  • Millertas

    But there are many who are carbon neutral (eg HEC Tasmania). Its basic economics, they make higher profits and the big polluters either tidy themselves up or go out of business. Use your brain for fucks sake. I find it strange that the “socialist” party acts in a free enterprise way while the “free enterprise” party will act in a socialist way.

  • Millertas

    What has Gay Marriage got to do with it? You sound like a bogun that rioted in Cronulla 2005. Your English Grammar skills almost completely confirms my suspicions.

  • Joe bo

    According to the silly model it will cost me 500+ and i get a whole $3 back. huh.

  • Kdc

     Frankly I am appaulded by how you speak. I guess by your thinking I must be included as ‘taking’ from your own….since I am an Immigrant although when I came to this country a large amount of money had to be paid, plus a trade that was needed along with a minimum of 2yrs wages plus surplus for health care, buying a house.
    Yet all I see are lazy Australians who wont get up and go to work because they can live of benefits or because they think that they are too good for the job reality check mate it is ‘your own’ who are sitting on the dole.

    Not only are you derogatory and insulting but you disgrace your country and what this country stands for by how you speak. If your honky ass had some self respect you wouldnt have spoken how you have. Racism is from the 80′s and where it should be left a human life is a human life we all bleed the same.

    Firstly I need to point out that I know of a huge number of African families who do all the shit kicking jobs that ‘australians’ think that they are too good for and they contribute to society by paying their taxes and do not recived handouts, infact that will work two jobs to provide.

    Secondly have you read the migrants declaration booklet I suggest you do because ‘your’ federal government is plugging respect the
    ‘Aussie’ way, respect that this is a multicultural and diverse country of which each indivual should be respected and allowed to practice their beliefs without fear or racially segregated unless of course it is unlawful or harmful.

    Thirdly you need to double check what you believe to be correct, not everyone coming to this country has the right to free health system, government hand outs etc and not all of those coming from Africa are assylum seekers those are coming from much closer shores and just to shock you they usually stop at NZ first remain there for 2 yrs then have the right to come across to Australia and just walk in!!!!!!!!

  • Kdc

    Define ‘our’ own…..anyone who lives here, has a right to live here, pays taxes, fights for this country should be deemed our own.

    ‘niggers’ are you like 5, grow up you disrespect yourself and your country by how you talk. I would love to see you use that word in a place called ‘Brixton’

    The common denominator here is a lack of respect for oneself and those around you. When you have people who appear to be not much higher than the gutter being derogatory towards another human it causes conflict, followed by misconception add some media into the equasion and you have propaganda as well then a situation which is blown way out of proportion and takes a good decade to rebuild a community, do you not watch the new, have you not studied social history or modern history.

  • Kdc

     Anyone and everyone knows that a vote for the Greens is a wasted vote DOH!! you might as well sit on the fence

    Has no one wondered how on a labour Government australia was one of the top 3 countries that survived the recession with minimal damage – it is call the previous Government who actually put money away for this kind of stuff where as Labour get votes with chucking money at people so stupid that they dont stop to think where is this money coming from, how will it be recovered, how will the government reboost the stocks so to speak!!!

    people with shortterm vision sadly that is most of the labour party, unless it directly impacts them, go look at the Ranga’s pay increase $90,000 giving her an annual income of $470,000 which is greater that USA President Osama’s.

    Now add on to that the generous superannuation that she will be collecting, her transportation is in addition as is her travelling, food whilst away and incidentals, business lunches and dinners, by plugging more of her income into superannuation it relieves the tax that she pays and she is now setting herself up for a comfortable retirement.

    There is nothing ethical about the woman. However the good news is she is slowly being forced to hold an early election!
    bloody hell I am exhausted now!!

  • Scott2bware

    being single and no dependants it will cost me $43pa not including the price hikes that wasn’t calculated. Then the UN climate councel will tax Australia and supposebly give the money to 3rd world / undeveloped countries for there green engery. LMAO
    Treason, Thieft, Trading Co2 you can’t see for the Bankers and Wall Street to Clean up. Green loans in USA one example $520million loan company bankrupt within 2 years, money gone zero return on loan, just 1 of many now Australia to join the Fraud so the rich can get richer.
    Considering Australia is yet to start collecting the the carbon tax Julia was running around the country opening wind farms, solar panels and so on without any money coming from a tax MAGIC. Governments wont fix anything Private enterprize will if there is a market for it. We should all start our own green energy companies and apply for loans that will never be payed back and enjoy the life Bankers and pollies enjoy.       

  • Danromu

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  • Danromu

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  • Sefa

    Wow look at all the arguements here. You greens voters are a bunch of clowns. The chaser was right. 

  • Margie

    An Extra 650 per year, The entire country has no $$$$$ The Red head has killed off everything….Now she wants to steal from the few of us left working….Like our taxes dont support enough already…..

  • Loz1804

     Energy efficiency

    The Government will support household actions on energy efficiency.
    Everyday actions can help households to improve energy efficiency, helping the environment and saving
    money at the same time. Households that improve their energy efficiency will keep all of their extra
    payments and tax cuts, providing an incentive to do their bit for the environment. This will also help
    Australia to move to a clean energy future.

    I heard that if households start being more energy efficient that service providers will put their tarrifs up either further.  Also I have heard that the percentage of power increased quoted by the government and used to work out rebates is grossly underestimated.  How is a normal household, paying a mortgage and coping with increases in other areas expected to cope financially with all these increases?

  • Ralphy255

    According to the info, if you are a tax payer you will get something depending on your income. An accountant friend of mine has calculated I will have to find have to find about $620 more per year, which will be impossible on a pension (self-funded retiree)

  • Aad

    Do they really believe the aussie public are so gullible to actually swallow this bullshit?

  • WP

     No worries moron. Two weeks after we are gone this joint would look like Haiti.

  • Timbuddle

    Yes the mining tax will help spread some wealth but what happens after the coal companies stop investing in Australia and head over to South America and Mongolia to invest their profits.  The only thing the tax will do is scare off investment and then the mining boom is over.  The tax is already closing mines and putting people out of work.  Why would a big company run a mine here for less profit if it has resources overseas? 

    Yes lets tax the only part of our enconmoy actually doing well??  and give money to the failing car industry??? let the car industry fail and then let the workers reskill.  The sooner people relaise that australia needs to focus on what is cost effective to produce here rather than in developing countries the better.

    All the carbon tax means is higher prices pushed on by the big companies.  Why should they turn around and reinvest into cleaner technologies when consumers will cover the tax and then the comapnies will also lay off workers to bring the profits back up.  wind and solar are not viable alternatives as they do not generate enough power.  We will still have coal fired power stations for decades to come.  There are no real money incentives for cleaner energy sources.

    Also the minign companies already pay royalitis to state governments.  What do you think funds Queensland??

    Bring on Liberal and burn the carbon tax from existence.  fyi the earth warms up prior to an ice age.

  • Sharonleigh

    My husband works in the mining industry. Alot of people out there think he earns stacks of money. Yes he is on a great gross wage but he gets taxed nearly half of it. He would actually be better off earning less and going into a different tax bracket. Now he will be hit further with this carbon tax. Like people have said, it will push industry off shore. What must be understood is the outcome this will have on the everyday Aussie battler. If there are less people earning a good wage it affects the whole economy. If everyone has to tighten the belt then we’re not spending on services or in the shops and that affects us all.
    People get shitty when they see their boss earning lots of money, but take away some of that money through costs like the carbon tax and he is going to lay people off before he makes drastic changes to his lifestyle.
    Less employment, less money circulating, working harder to make up for the lower numbers of employees….doesn’t add up to me.

  • NotHappyJan

    Absolute Rubbish this is going to cost our family at a modest estimate $870 per year on top of everything that we already pay for.  And that will only get higher.  Bring on an election!

  • Gloria

    Bye Bye Julia

  • Kelvin

    I am going to leave job and go on the dole – plenty of benefits for me then.  There is no incentive to work in this country.

  • Rubbisho

    Dumb!!  It asks if I am pension age – but not if I get a pension.  Self funded retirees living just above the pension line are worse off than pensioners and HEAPS worse off now.

  • Fred Bloggs

    Trying to build up retirement super, but no get hit with a carbon tax on everything, get no compensation and the amount I can put into super is cut to pay for the mini surplus.
    Can’t afford to retire so can’t get the pensioner payments.
    Self funded people just get screwed by this crappy government again.
    Julie retire please – NOW

  • Btapps

    Oh you are so well spoken and you can spell too. What a load of dribble.

  • Kerrynmcdermott

    As a single income household with no children it is disheartening that we will get no assistance. Our cost of living will increase by approx. $10.00 per week and we just have to wear that. WE already buy green power which is an additional cost, something is going to have to give!!!
    I find it disappointing that some people are exluded on the basis of no children. I desperately want a family but can not naturally conceive. The cost of IVF to hopefully start a family and , NOW ANOTHER TAX. Why don’t all tax payers get some kind of rebate?

  • Nostradamien

    Why don’t I believe the Government’s cost / compensation figures?
    I suppose it’s related to a now very long history of not telling the truth.
    They seem to have taken over TA’s low moral ground completely!

  • JamesRyan22

    Another tax. No compensation. The merry go round with a mandatory shot in the balls. Winning?

    I can’t wait for the other 250 odd element taxes. Oxygen tax will be the most interesting. We might get compensated for the Oxygen thieves, then again since they might be the ones writing the tax….

  • Shawdarren1

    As a single dad paying maintenance and school fees do i get compensation or does my beautiful ex wife ??? we have 2 children which i have nearly every weekend 

  • Shelby

    Back off on your bigoted generalisations. I am one of those working people who now is on the DSP because of circumstances out of my control. I might be lower income but how dare you put everyone in your bludger category. I would give anything to be able to earn my own living again and how the hell could I afford plasma tvs or cigarettes (if I did smoke) on my payment? Come on sunshine I’d love to know cos it aint even the remotest bit possible. I still do voluntary work to be a productive member of my community like so many just like me. The crappy payment I’m getting will NOT cover my costs and I’m already going without a heater this winter because I genuinely can’t afford to run one. I don’t use the stove or oven but a microwave because I can’t afford the gas bill if I do and being in a rental with no money to move means I can’t get out of this situation for a loooong time. Where the hell is MY PLASMA buddy? Hmmmmm???!!!!

  • Vicki K

    Watching people comment on the carbon price package is like
    watching a group of butchers argue about the merits of neurosurgery.

    Let’s break it down – currently our economy is very
    emissions intensive. That means it is very polluting and damaging to the
    environment. There are a range of good reasons for why this is very difficult
    to change – including cost and market barriers that exist that make it
    difficult to move to cleaner and less polluting options.

    The carbon price legislation is NOT a tax. It is an
    emissions trading scheme with a short-term fixed price designed to address some
    of those barriers – including the barrier of cost incentives.

    The scheme is designed to send a signal to industry and
    business to drive change towards a lower carbon economy. The legislation
    however is more than just a price mechanism, it includes a lot of supplementary
    and associated programs in the form of incentives, policies and grants to help
    industry make this transition and address many of the barriers that stand in
    their way. The price itself is relatively low as a starting point and operates
    as a price signal to make cleaner energy options more attractive. As a policy
    goes it is the best, cheapest and most efficient capitalist, market-based
    mechanism we have to create market change.

    In terms of how much greenhouse gas it will save if
    implemented in its entirety – the treasury has calculated that; and an independent
    Monash University research organisation called ClimateWorks has modelled the
    savings of the entire package – including the supporting programs.

    People will ask how much it will reduce temperatures by –
    this is a false question because the system doesn’t work that way. It will
    reduce a certain amount of greenhouse emissions (which we know affects the
    climate) and it will send a signal to begin the process of market
    transformation. But much more needs to be done in order to avoid climate change
    and dangerous temperature increases. It’s not a question of ‘why bother then?’
    because we need to transform the market and this is the cheapest way to do it.

    So yes – it WILL help the environment. And regurgitating Liberal
    Party propaganda doesn’t make that any less true.

    It is a good, solid policy. It puts a price imperative on
    the most polluting big businesses. Some of them are already starting to make
    changes to the way they do business behind the scenes to lower their greenhouse
    emissions so they have to pay less. It’s already working, and it’s not even law

    Yes, some of these businesses will look to shift the some of
    the cost to their consumers, but all of them will start to change their businesses
    as a result. And the government is compensating consumers for those price increases
    that they will wear.

    The ACCC is also going to be monitoring companies looking to
    be opportunistic.

    If we can’t get a moderate, capitalist, rational policy
    through because of what essentially is public hysteria, then we are a lost cause
    as a country. And when the rest of the world moves on – and it will – we will
    pay for it dearly. It will hit us right in the hip-pocket.

    The Liberal Party may not ‘believe’ in climate change. But
    it is happening anyway. And they will have to deal with it anyway. And failure
    to act will make us uncompetitive anyway.

    Use your rational faculties people. And please – try to know
    SOMETHING about what you’re talking about before talking about it.

  • Vicki K

    Handr06: you may be interested to know that investment in renewables is now out-stripping investment in fossil fuels worldwide. The world is moving – albeit slowly. We can begin making the market transition we need to now to capitalise on this economic boon or we can miss the boat and watch that investment go elsewhere because our market is too emissions-intensive and unfriendly to clean energy to make the most of it. Our choice as Australians. 

  • Vicki K

    It’s not actually. He/ she is wrong.

  • Vicki K

    Use YOUR brains. You’re getting compensated for the majority of the price increase. And meantime a price signal is sent to business to begin changing – and some already are. 

  • Cass_hickling7

    Middle eastern people and gay people have nothing to do with the carbon tax. Take your racist, anti gay comments elsewhere. They are peole just like everyone one else. How do you sleep at night you narrow minded prick?

  • Robert of Drouin

    My take on Global warming.
    Could someone tell me if international companies such as Coal mines, Oil industries, aluminium Smelters, iron and steel producers are the biggest losers in terms of their gross income in Australia and the world, then why have they not joined together and write up scientific papers (say like ICCP 10,000 page report) and publish them in highly regarded publications such as “Nature” and “New Scientist and others in the past 20 years. This would allow other scientist, lay people and other tabloids papers to dissect every graph, every minute detail. This would be a real scientific debate. …..I’m still waiting.
    Robert from Drouin

  • seagull

    you could start by picking up a dictionary urself actually. . .

  • Anonymous

    Bloody typical of the Australian Government -  I workded my arse off in school so I could get a good paying job, I support my own family and do not receive any kind of benefit on a single income. Yet I will be charged more for this shit. Typical that those who have sat on their arses all their lives and do not pay rates or the full price for anything will benefit, the losers, the deadbeats, the doll bludgers and the breeding cows will be the ones to receive benefits – looks like I should have been a crack whore..would have received all the benefits and awards from the Aussie government…arseholes…

  • Ron Jeremy

    Sounds like you already are a crack whore

  • Anonymous

    sounds like you are the pathetic waste of space my tax payer dollars is going to….

  • Kevin

    Just got a notice from sand and soil company saying all there prices will go up 1st july for carbon tax, another unexpected increase! Housing prices will be going up, first home owners grant going down.

  • konoth

    Have u ever been out of this country? i doubt. Most of the Africans lives a poor life because of corruption not because of lack of resources. On what sense u say this is a wonderful country? Look at arab countries, no tax at all. The rulers are using country’s resources to run the country. What is happening here? Now this carbon tax compensation bullshit.

  • L P

    Where all screwed. It’s just a ticking time bomb until it’s to late. People already are not spending money, give another couple of months and watch it all turn to $#!t. Than we can all thank ourselves for putting Gillard in charge.
    Where screwed, face it.

  • Motivated Marija

    i agree with you.

  • Motivated Marija

    the economy will suffer so much before the transition to carbon trading is impilemted.

  • Brandeejo

    I’m sick of tired for paying more for everything because we are higher income earners. We aren’t any better off because we have to more bloody taxes. I can’t afford an extra $50 a month for this crap.

  • Warren

    I think the small amount I may have to pay is worth it for the country.

  • Djcallyman

    Sucked in

  • Ian

    Interestingly when I read up on some of the founders of the Climate Change brigade, one of their key goals (apart from instilling a unified world government) was that wealth and resource redistribution should be a part of the solution. Our prime minister seems to fully had endorsed this socialist ideal, by using the carbon tax to redistribute wealth by over-compensating low income earners and by using the mining tax to reattribute resource wealth from the states to the commonwealth. 

  • Raewyn

    Yea and I know of one place that dose not no where all the extra tax for this factory is going to come but dismiss 150 workers ….Gee Gillian this is so good for the country ….I don’t think so You don’t care about anyone except making money for the shit the Government is in …

  • Rae

    Yes Mr no name  yea the factories will pay hey but think dickhead where are they going to get the extra money from when they are going to put off workers …think dickhead

  • Malibu_one

    California is trying a Carbon Tax – have a look here!!!

  • Jvvv00

    it was GST, Flood Tax, Carbon Tax, soon will all be working for government mismanagement excuses… God help us all…

  • Lynette

    Dont forget who funds this nation, its the middle class. Maybe if you spent more time learning at school you would have managed a decent job and not be earning $500 per week. Don’t you feel like an idiot now for voting GREEN

  • Gmailwa

    My PV cell system generates twice as much electricity as I use. Why should I pay an additional $680 per year for power??

  • Gmailwa

    Let me tell you how this new tax will benefit society. Those of use who invetsed in PV systems, and generate more than we use, should not be paying for electricity at all. Basic economics, Mick, tells me that we are beng screwed. END OF STORY

  • Gary Thorpe

    Those of use who invested in PV systems, and generate more than we use, are being forced to pay for both power and the tax.

  • AllieDav

    Because you cannot STORE your power yet so are reliant on the electricity grid doing that for you.  I’m sure if you could STORE your own power you might be able to lobby for some reform but until then you have to suffer.  What about me?  I rent and have no choice in getting solar.  I can afford solar installation just not a house to go with it and my landlord does not want to pay for it.  I have to do without solar.

  • Allisterdavidson

    So then substitute a little more.  $400 a year I can get for free from Flybuys rewards in the form or Giftcards simply by presenting my Flybuys card when I shop.  Theres $400 for free right there.  Use the gift cards to buy shopping and put that cash that you saved into the $400 you are down.  Viola! problem solved.  Just 1 example of how to not be out of pocket on things.   DO you have foxtel? Pay it by direct debit and save another $36 a year.  Choose an electricity retailer that will give you  discount for paying before due date and there is more savings.

  • Oes

    Any couple like us over 50 with no chiildren get $3  Thanks for nothing, but i notice the poly’s you are getting wage rises again, get a real job dickheads and stop wrecking our country

  • Tyaxley07

    Costing our family $780 per year with a $3 rebate! Will wait patiently to have our sayy when election time comes. Will certainly not be a vote for Labour.

  • Tyaxley07

    I think most of us already do the things you mention to save at the moment.Therefore not really going to help with the cost of this new tax.

  • Gffdf

    I get no compo at all…. and cant really drop my power usage anymore. Why then do i have to subsidise everyone else and how does this make me use less power

  • Pimelect

    This Government is a hypocrit. Imposing a carbon tax to limit carbon emissions and then compensating people to cover the impeding price hikes passed on by companies. Then Greg Combet during an interview used an example of a Abbotair covering its sludge ponds to reduce methane Gas emissions, then on the other hand allowing Cold Seam Gas Drilling for Methane Gas. The Election can’t come soon enough.

  • Gay

    Explain to me how the fuck a aerosol and adhesive factory will invest in renewable technology ??????

    Im hanging for your reply

    Its Dickheads like you who vote these idiots into power.

  • Yourworstnightmare

    You know what Shane if you open your eyes and look around the Carbon Tax is already effecting people E.g. The job loss’s at Qantas, Ford, Holden because Suppliers are already putting their prices up in prep for the Carbon Tax. This Tax will screw the country and you will be one of the People who caused it. You and your greeny mates should be put on trail for treason. FUCK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Asankoh

    why not spend the money they compensate million Australians to offset the tax and encourage industry with some incentive to clean energy methods? It doesn’t make sense man. If you tax producers and increase their cost of production, they will just pass the cost to consumers simply. No government can’t stop that happening in a laisez faire economy. 

  • David Edge

    Anybody who really believes that this tax is going to solve the planets pollution problems or encourage people to do the right thing needs to think again. Australia is only a very small fish in a huge ocean so what Australia does is not relevant. The only thing it will do is make the do gooders of this country feel better. But for people on a fixed income that cannot afford the tax increases and extra charges that will be associated with the carbon tax it is a disaster. The planets future is governed by the universe and other things that we can never hope to control and anyone who knows anything about science will agree that 22 million people have no hope of changing anything.

  • Ynotbbb

    $700 worse off fuck you Gillard, Greens along with the independant wankers

  • Realist

    As a thinking person I consider the Carbon Tax to be a very good thing. Whilst our family will lose $6 per week we, like many other thinking people, can simply make simple changes to an overly unsustainable lifestyle. A little tip… You can always tell when a pollie is not telling the truth because their lips move. This is sadly the case for all sides of politics. 

  • Carl Palmer

    Lets wait and see what the cost will be to all of us before we all start making vulgar and silly comments.

    We all want to reduce carbon emissions, so maybe all the so called critics of the Governments Policy on reducing carbon emission strategy can suggest a better solution?

    Firstly, the tax free threshold has increased from 6000 to 18000, so think about the savings there.

    The only problem with the Carbon Tax is that it is like the Insulation scheme where there were so many scammers and it wont be any different, businesses will blame huge increases on the Carbon Tax but will only be after more profits.

  • Nclarke

    $500 + a year worse off. Apparantly I’m rich!

  • Ben

    As usual singles who work hard get screwed and gronks with 9 kids get rewarded. I’m $528 per year poorer.

  • Tuna_macshnoogle

    “Looey” what the fuck has gays got to to do with the carbon tax? You freak

  • Larry Chester

    What a joke. We will be paying an extra $600 per year not including rises in power and shire rates etc. If you look at carbon tax in other countries it is low.
    Labor and the Greenies have voted themselves out of office just for a “feel good” measure.

  • Blackcloud

    It’s going to cost me $600 a year. What a joke. Labour and the Greenies have lost the plot and are voting themselves out of office. As usual the bloke on the street is paying for their “feel good” measures.  Don’t they realise the rest of the world is in dire straits.

  • Peter

    What a load of bullshit Julia, trying to get around a broken promise by calling it a different name. Can’t wait to kick you out.

  • Peter

    I get a $4.00 a year tax cut and cop and extra $475.00 a year in charges. Throw in the flood levy ( would have agreed to a national disaster levy for distribution to ALL states ), and greatley reduced GST revenue back to states like WA and this government can get stuffed.

  • Kentepower

    What is the tax actually accomplishing?  Paying more for goods and services, hmm, really seems it wouldn’t keep the world cleaner, just cost more to live on it.  I need to start a racket like this.

    - Crazy American in Arizona.

  • Lozzie

    Ok so let me see if i get the carbon issue right then.  The government puts extra costs on the big polluters who then pass this onto consumers. The government compensates consumers slightly (never fully) for the extra cost the polluters pass on.  Then consumers need to find ways to decrease their bills (cause we don’t all make a lot of money) and will take on the low-emission/renewable energy products in their homes to take full advantage of any tax cuts that the government will pass on?  This will somehow make the big polluters think about reducing their emissions and therefore reduce the carbon price?  I seriously am not having a go at you but i obviously do not understand basic economics.

  • M. m

    Yes I see that Mr swan has said that we face will 0.7 % rise in the cost of living, but that is only if the cabon price stays the way it is right now, also this a goverment who said that they would never bring in carbon tax, in their term of power, so how can we believe them that the increase will stay at 0.7%. possible the real percentage will be around 5% to 10% in the long run. And as for our family, we  will have  pay around a extra  $200 this year and possibly going up in the future. Do we want another queensland like cash flow problem for australia, where the government is saying the is doing fine, when the real answer we are almost bankrupt. REMENBER  this is a NEW TAX,  THIS A NEW TAX ON ALL OF US that we will all have to pay wether we like it or not, and by the it will not  save the planet but it will help it end sooner .  The big question about this tax is not the tax, but can we turst any government either liberal , labour or greens (I hope not), will keep the price low to help all australians to manage cost of living  or use this tax to get more and more money out of us, so to help them when they low on money or need more money for their pet projects that seem to always fail or when they in a cash flow prblem. 

  • ghsp

    So the basic info is that it will be more expensive to live, no matter who you are.
    Question. What about other countries?
    I know that Australia is paving the way with this tax. Are we therefore applying an increase to the import duties on goods coming in from countries with no ‘Carbon Tax’.
    Not only will Australian manufacturers have more expensive local products due to cheap imports from the high A$, but now also from the ‘Carbon Tax’
    Exported goods will also have the tax applied, making Australian goods even more expensive.
    Do you think China will bother to create this sort of scheme. I doubt it. They are the ones with the cheap goods to sell, and laughing their way to the bank.
    I can assure you Coles and Woolworths won’t give a damn about Aussie producers when they source from overseas.

    Last Query..
    What are the government going to do with the ‘tax’ money?
    Obviously some of it is going to pay for the assistance package. The rest? Surely a tax aimed at reducing emissions should be plowed back into the local economy to help those being taxed to reduce their emissions. Research into alternative fuels, reducing process power requirements, subsidies to companies to instal clean power source (solar, wind etc).
    Such investment should therefore boost the alternative power industry in Aus, creating jobs, and hopefully giving us the edge in the global market.

    All the theories are great, but all the government wants to do is take, take, take then leave the private sector to sort out the mess. The government need to be more proactive in their treatment of the issue. Not everything can be sorted by a tax. They need to remember that Tax monies still belong to the population and should be reinvested back into the economy not just given out.
    Lets face it they love coming to a budget telling us they have a surplus. What that really means is we all paid too much tax and they didn’t invest it back into the community. I would prefer the government to be pennyless, with good healthcare, schools, services and roads, rather than rich and…….. you got it.

  • Anamae

    I’m sorry but I was born in this country so why does that make me any different from you? And I’m sorry but everyone on this planet actually started in Africa so please do not assume you know where I came from.  

  • FFS!

    This is totally farked! I’m paying through the nose just to survive then this dumb a$$ government pull this crap on us!! You retards! I can’t afford this sh!t!! You farked my family!! Fark you all!

  • Gareth

    It is small business on the financial edge that will lose out. To stay competitive in the market place, they will absorb the tax or cut staff, this wil be because bigger competitors will absorb the tax, leaving them no choice. The knock on effect in increased unemployment and less small operators. This will benefit big business in wiping out smaller competitors – so on and so on. What I can tell you about human nature, is we as citizens will of course except bonuses and compensation, but will shun paying any extra and we don’t like price increases – so how is this going really work – maybe it makes the rich richer.

  • David

    Because it’s not you who is being taxed, it’s big polluters who are being taxed who THEN pass costs on down to you (minimally)… and that’s what you’re being compensated for.

  • kath

    There’s no calculator… there’s an error

  • Lou

    Prices rise folks. Always have and that’s not going to stop – carbon tax or not. Compensation is greater than losses – stop whinging. Choose green products, eat whole foods with less packaging and purchase products with less carbon impact (less embodied energy)…and we will ALL be better off. Now and in the future – and we will have an impact on leaving a better world for our children.

    It’s not rocket science. It’s meant to make you change. Get off your butts and change and WE WILL ALL BE BETTER OFF.

    So embarrassing to hear how ignorant and whingey so many Australians are.

    And while you are whinging just have a quick look at what the LNP have planned in terms of tax and welfare “reform” – it’s truly scary. The lower demographic has NEVER been better off under a Liberal Government…NEVER. Be careful what you wish for in a government. LNP is disastrous for the working poor, disastrous for progressive social policy and disastrous for the wellbeing of our most vulnerable. Not to mention disastrous for our environment, disastrous for education and disastrous for technology progression (NBN being just ONE of the issues the LNP cannot get a handle on). In short – disasterous.

  • Karen Dutra

    There is always a way!!

  • Mrdantheman

    Ok I just had to pay $1500.00 to get my AC re-gased. I was then told about $1000.00 of that gas bill was for the carbon tax, as refrigent is taxed. So all I just did was pay $1000.00 so it can go to bogan families that don’t work! How is this helping the environment. I can’t just pickup my house and move it to a cooler location and I have done all I can to make my house cooler for summer. So where is the logic in this tax. I think it is a failed policy!

  • TheAnyButton

    Mrdantheman you have been lied too. All hydochloroflourocarbon products have been banned from manufacture and imports limited because of international agreement, due to their effect on the ozone layer. This is the case in most other countries. Gasses, especially R22, are becoming very rare because of this and the price increase is simply supply vs demand (and some price gouging). There is no carbon tax on HCFC’s as far as I’m aware. Some units can be converted to use gases other than HCFC’s, but expect to pay for a new a/c rather than re-gas in the future.

  • Kyle Stewart

    They won’t change to renewable or cleaner energy to save money.instead the cost will go up for the service the provide. The smartest thing would be for the government to use the money to provide us with renewable energy.but you won’t see that either