July 18, 2011

How a Carbon Tax Works Pt. 2

  • Eve

    Eve, Alan Jones should be charged a carbon tax, a lot of polluted air there

  • dogz

    first thing let us vote and the second give me SOME PROPER FACETS instead of f$#ed up theory i mean dont censer it u dick heads i want really facts oww and yer what ever go women rights and that shit thats all good but i vote for ppl how KNOW WHAT THERE DOING NOT JUST BECOSER THERE A WOMEN AND ITS EMPOWERING f@#$ off and let us vote for real then maby u will see what everyone really wants oww yer i also thing that you public servants are over payed littal winy biches that only want more money so f@#$ off with you bull shit and think about aware country not your f@#$ing wallets you spoiled little f@#$ yer its a good idea and so was Communism in theory but it just look now were terning in a Communist country you know keep the rich rich ie politicians and the poor poor yer i know awere country i pretty good considering the rest of the world but COME ON HOW MUCH MONEY DOSE THESE PEOPLE NEED GET BENT

  • Lew

    I don’t understand why everyone is judging the scheme before we even see it in action. It sounds like a way of advancing Australia into a back to the future 3 like time where flying cars are taken for granted.

  • time to touch our toes

    i have a buiseness…how the fuck do i know how much carbon i’ve emitted? when a worker farts. do they have to fart in a plastic bag & have it analized for carbon emissions? seriously are we taxed on the amount of fuel&energy  we use ?is that how it works?and does that go for households as well(where the income tax  threshhold is low enough for most of us to pay)?do we cop the tax 3 fold ?ie. 1. an increase in our fuel bills,2.tax on our fuel bills & 3. overall rise in cost of products.and if we are to get smart(like u say) and look for non taxed alternatives,tell me what they are ?will my trucks run on sunshine?can i  fill my trucks with something else(before that’s taxed too!)..There is’nt any is there? well thats what they’re banking on! lets face it most of the carbon tax revenue will be coming from every day households, as their energy usage outweighs our ever diminishing industries,which will be belted even further thanks to this new tax and our so called “australia saving” mining industries pushing up interest rates(hence the $).i think that all the facts on the new tax should have been presented clearly to the australian people ,and then left for them to decide via a ballot.  dont worry julia,by the time  the miners have raped our land of all its wealth,there will be no industries left to worry about,and the sky will be filled with beautiful clean air for your nose to breathe in.only problem, massive unemployment will mean less people paying tax ! but that’s o.k. you’ll be gone soon..not your problem.

  • Patrick42

    Unless you are one of the countries 500 biggest polluters and emit over a million tons of CO2 you don’t pay. The fact that you don’t get it shows what a lossy job the video does of telling people what the plan is.

  • Barry

    OK, so I’m a top 500 polluting company. The government charges me $3 million per year to cover my carbon emissions. No problem, I’ll cover that cost by charging all my customers more. In fact I’ll charge them a little extra to cover my costs of working out how much carbon dioxide I created each day (I need to employ extra people to manage this). So where is my incentive to change my behaviour and introduce new technology with less carbon emissions? Answer: There isn’t one, my customers will cover my extra costs and I can keep doing what I’m doing, and there is no benefit to the environment.

  • Benjammin_no1

    And your allowed to vote! The future of our country hangs in the balance of a moron that cant write, read or articulate anything that makes any kind of sense, swinging the vote. We’re screwed.

    Mate, before you write an opinion, perhaps at least attempt to souf in any way intelligent. Your clearly an idiot

  • Paul Elliott

    Just because you say it doesn’t make it fact. odds are all the companies will charge more and little will improve as a result. and worst of all most of the money raised will go to Wellfare Leeches who think they’re living should be paid for by others.

  • Seph Guinto

    My reaction to this comment

  • anon

    The whole point is that consumers will be discouraged to buy your products due to increase in prices. Eventually they will look at competitors for a cheaper price. Forcing companies to change their ways about emitting carbon. Even if everyone raised their prices there will still be competition, all it takes is one company to change their polluting ways to be more competitive in the market.