July 6, 2011

Is the sun causing global warming?

Until about 1960, measurements by scientists showed that the brightness and warmth of the sun, as seen from the Earth, was increasing. Over the same period temperature measurements of the air and sea showed that the Earth was gradually warming. It was not surprising therefore for most scientists to put two and two together and assume that it was the warming sun that was increasing the temperature of our planet.

However, between the 1960s and the present day the same solar measurements have shown that the energy from the sun is now decreasing. At the same time temperature measurements of the air and sea have shown that the Earth has continued to become warmer and warmer. This proves that it cannot be the sun; something else must be causing the Earth’s temperature to rise.

Figure 1: Global temperature (red, NASA GISS) and Total solar irradiance (blue, 1880 to 1978 fromSolanki, 1979 to 2009 from PMOD).

So, while there is no credible science indicating that the sun is causing the observed increase in global temperature, it’s the known physical properties of greenhouse gasses that provide us with the only real and measurable explanation of global warming.

This post is reproduced from Skeptical Science and is used with permission

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Thompson/536716149 Ryan Thompson

    if the sun is getting cooler…., maybe increasing carbon isnt such a bad thing. Do we know how much heat the sun is loosing? between 2000 and now the suns temperature seems to be plummeting, of course this graph looks pretty menacing, over a 130 year period, its a pitty we cant have a graph over a 2 000 000 year period or so. just to get a real idea on whats going on.

  • Rupert Good

    Solar energy output variation does not account for the temperature changes over the last century. However the sun has a far larger impact on global weather via it’s variation in magnetic activity. This is illustrated very well by the 92% correlation with global temperatures. Increasing magnetic activity deflects cosmic rays which in turn causes less cloud cover and hence global warming. Currently the sun is entering a quiet hibernation phase which is anticipated to last 20 to 30 years so we should expect considerable cooling during this period likely as much as 2-3 degrees centigrade. This will cause a far more dramatic impact on agriculture, transport hubs and ports throughout Europe and North America. In short anthropogenic CO2 has very little to do with global warming, but what little extra it causes will be most welcome over the next 30 years as global temperatures fall.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jason.limmer Jason Limmer

    That would be impossible because God only created the Earth approx 6,000 years ago, in fact this hole fiasco is anti God and is a man made hoax to glean money from the wealthy west to the elitist of the World. And it will also stop development in the emerging countries as they will not be allowed to use their natural resources as the western nation used to emerge themselves. 

  • Ron Naylon

    You might do better to read a couple of thousand modern scientific books dedicated to the subject rather than one extremely unscientific book of morality tales from a couple of thousand years ago, Jason. Incidentally, the Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old, calculated by scientists, not genealogists tracing a family tree from Jesus to Adam. Something else to ponder… if Adam and Eve were the only people on the planet when they were created by God as the Bible says, that would mean that the entire future population resulted from their children indulging in incest.

  • Millertas

    LOL Just wondering if you stand on street corners shouting to those who pass by “REPENT!!!”

  • Lemmy Kilmister

    Just so you know, the Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old, which is a figure based on evidence from radiometric age dating measurements. Similar analysis done on zircon minerals (found in the Jack Hills of Western Australia) showed that they were at least 4.4 billion years old.

    In my opinion, God and the Bible are a man made hoax that unfortunately forces misinformed people like you type stupid stuff on the internet.

  • Lemmy Kilmister

    The Sun’s temperature is NOT plummeting. The graph shows a measure of the Sun’s irradiance over a period of about 100 years. Also pictured is the mean global temperature during this period. This is merely showing that the sun’s solar output has little effect on the actual warming of the Earth, and the warming effect (and adverse changes in climate change) can be predominantly attributed to the recent increases of greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide.

  • Rorgiewik

    When there is a dollar involved the argument no longer has a true scientific base only the most successful seller of their theory.Global warming is rubbish like WMD in Iraq and Nuclear Bombs in Iran.

  • Klaus_baudalaire

    I think that you guys are the stupidest people ever your assumptions and everything seriously people if you don’t even think this stuff is true then why read it? I seriously dont need to scroll down and look at all your retarted comments about how climate change isnt happening or how people who believe in god are total idiots, seriously people get a life. 

  • Gentlemanjustice

    It makes me sad to see this.  People should be skeptical of what the GOVERNMENT tells them, but this is SCIENCE with overwhelming CONSENSUS.  Do you really think that all of these scientists, all over the world, studying all different kinds of evidence, who could easily make money doing research in other areas, all coming to the same conclusions is really some type of global scientific conspiracy?  If so, your logic has long since left you, and you are hopelessly against factually based scientific reason no matter what anyone says.  There is uncertainty about what is going to happen, but there is complete international agreement that humans are causing the plant to warm through increased input of GHG’s into the atmosphere.

  • Gentlemanjustice

    For all of you nay-sayers out there against Global Warming as a factually based issue that is creating a potentially catastrophic environmental situation for humanity (which it is), you miss the point.  Even if the increase in GHG’s in the atmosphere weren’t coming from human activity (which they are), and these weren’t poised to set off a chain of positive feedbacks that will change the entire climate system for at least the next several hundred years (also true), these activities are BAD for people regardless.  Burning of fossil fuels is BAD for air quality: creates health issues, smog, ozone, acid rain, puts people at greater risk of respiratory diseases, etc.  Extraction of fossil fuels is BAD for the environment, there are spills that cause extensive damage to ecosystems, we are blowing the tops off mountains to get coal, and causing earthquakes with natural gas drilling.  These fuels are BAD any way you slice it, even without the global warming bit, which, oh by the way, is also a reality.

  • Crossin_Floors

    Gentle, have you seriously not heard of trees?
    The issues you raise about health issues and air quality could easily be settled by a large planting spree of trees.
    The main issue of this topic is just whether or not our impact is as large an issue as they are making out to be and about the means of adressing it.
    Clearly you have passed year 5. Good job.
    But before CLAIMING that increase of CO2 is going to do something this bad, please make an effort to include your elavuation and resolution which is both emocomically and physically possible.

  • Crossin_Floors


  • Davemichelle

    Simple solution to make everyone happy…..make the carbon tax optional!!! As Ms Gillard keeps telling us the, ‘overwhelming majority’ of us believe Carbon Dioxide emittions are causing climate change and a carbon Tax will save the planet. Come on Greenies- put your (not our) money where your mouth is!! 

  • Dangodumpling


  • Dangodumpling

    Just so you know not every person here believes the same as you, so please keep your religion out of this debate. Also, religion has nothing to do with this, at all. So yeah, shush now.

  • kristabelle

    I’ll bet the measurement done on solar enery output after 1960 are simply wrong. If they are correct, the results might prove that there is another source of radiation reaching the earth, Every 120,000 years, approximately, there is an episode of global warming, such as at present, suggesting that a distant radiation-emitting, cosmic body, with a massive orbit, is able to cause global warming, followed by global ice ages that last for 80,000 years, when it moves away from the section of its orbit that enables earth to experience its energy output.

  • jamal Shrair


    Einstein once wrote that one of the most important unsolved problems in physics centered around Earth’s magnetic field. I sincerely believe I have came up with a theory that not only solves all contradictions in physics but also Earth’s magnetic field. But, mainstream science cannot accept my theory because it will cause large magnitude earthquakes in so many physics theories.
    My name is Jamal S. Shrair, I am a physicist and researcher currently living in Budapest, Hungary. I have been working for the last decade on physics theory, which gives an explanation for what I believe to be the real reason behind global climate-change as well as global weather and geological phenomena. I have compiled my research and hypotheses in a book, which I published on the 19 of April 2013 on Amazon.
    The book provides a good theory for why earth reverses its magnetic field, what is the source of heat at the earth’s core and a rational explanation for the observable climate-change and geological phenomena which we are experiencing. In the first part of the book I explain the physics background and the reason why our current understanding of climate-change focuses on the “human influence”. I then explain to the reader how the sun is actually travelling through our galaxy on a helical path, which periodically crosses the galactic plane (above and below). Over thousands of years the strength of the sun’ s magnetic field increases as it moves above the galactic plane because the plasma region is denser. This in turn means an increased number of high energy cosmic particles in the magnetosphere and of course intense solar radiation. One such helical cycle takes the sun thousands of years to complete. As the sun approaches the highest plasma density above the galactic plane – which is also the highest possible point in the galaxy – the solar maximums and minimums begin to take on strange behaviour. Today there is much research to show how the magnetic fields of the Earth and Sun are linked, therefore when solar radiation increases or behaves erratically, so does the radiation on both the surface of the earth and inside. This variable behaviour of the sun influences the weaker magnetic field of the earth, which is experiencing a rapid shift in polarity at the present time. Compared to recent history, this polarity change has sped up considerably in the 20th century. Currently the magnetic poles are moving faster than at any other time in human history, changing position at almost 40 miles per year! This suggests that we are approaching the end of a polar chron! The rapid movement of the inner core which only recently has been recognized is the reason behind the “stirring” of molten magma in the earth. This influences the earth’s crust, causing earthquakes, volcanic activity to increase and the release of methane and carbon dioxide greenhouse gases. It is a scientific fact that oceans contain a huge amount of CO2, and when heat escapes from inside the earth and combines with solar radiation from above, they induce heat on the surface and at the inner layers of our planet. That causes the release of vast amounts of methane and carbon dioxide greenhouse gases. Therefore, the main reason for climate change is not “man-made” CO2. No doubt the picture becomes increasingly clear when you follow this logic. There is an abundance of reputable research in the book to support each point and almost daily news of unusually global weather phenomena, beside an amazing increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions – often in geographic locations which are not known for these occurrences. At the same time this is a very sensitive topic, especially since there are so many environmental groups who believe that pollution, global warming and climate-change are all the result of “man-made” CO2.Please also see on the website my publications in low temperature nuclear fusion Thank you for your time, Sincerely yours Jamal S. Shrair