July 12, 2011

Will the carbon tax be used to pay off government debt?

One criticism levelled at the carbon tax is that the Labor government is going to use it to pay off their debt. This claim is entirely untrue, as the entirety of the revenue taken in by the carbon tax will actually be put towards compensating taxpayers and affected companies. So much so, in fact, that there is an impact of approximately $4 billion to the Federal budget bottom line.

  • Casey Toohey

    I hate the carbion tax even if i’m only 16 doesn’t mean I don’t get a say right?

  • Klaus_baudalaire

    Your asking if you have a right seriously and no you don’t have aright because you are under the voting age duh! wow can’t even spell carbon tax your a genius aren’t you. I’m not surprised that you hate the carbon tax because your obviously too smart to understand the information, right….?

  • Rebecca

    This is what I don’t get… I’m all for a carbon tax, but what is the point if all of the funds paid as carbon tax are then given back to the same people and companies in compensation?
    I’d much rather that low income/pensioners/those at risk were compensated, and the rest was invested in renewable energy, or something that will make a positive change long term.

  • Labor Non Sequitur

    The Government is in the deepest deficit in its history and they keep a straight face by saying this tax won’t be used to pay off debt. How do they propose to post a surplus in 2013 pray? If none is paying off debt, and the rest is subsidizing individuals and companies affected by the tax, exactly how much is being spent on reducing CO2 pollution? We get the Government we deserve.

  • Flame On

    If you are going to flame someone for poor grammar and spelling it might help to get it right yourself first. “A right” is two words. “Your” should be “you’re”. I’m guessing but I expect with a name like yours English isn’t your first language. How ironic.

  • Itguy98

    If you are compensating someone, you are paying them money because you did something wrong to them and must pay a penalty to balance the scales. Is this what the Labour party is doing to us?

  • Hotpumpky_

    The carbon tax is NOT going to be entirely used to compensate people and businesses. A large proportion of it is to be sent to the UN to distribute to developing countries. We are being used to fund their infrastructure because we are a rich (stupid and gullible) nation.

  • Abc

    The carbon tax has increased the cost of Australian made products, so now imported products are cheaper

  • Thisisso Ridiculous

    This may be the most biased BS i’ve ever read. Of course it is going to be used as a way to pay off some of the debt. Furthermore the 2012-13 budget tries to bring the economy back in surplus and I dont see how the government can achieve that without the extra funds from the carbon tax. I also agree with some of the comments below, in that whats the point of having a Carbon tax if the government is just going to give it back. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/belinda.west.58 Belinda West

    A serious question regarding the revenue from the carbon tax… If the government is really serious about reducing our carbon emission – instead of paying the household assistance package and increasing the tax free threshold from these funds why aren’t the government spending the revenue on renewable energy infrastructure and research?? That would make a real impact and be a positive step towards helping undo the damage being done.

  • Virgil H. Soule

    It would appear that the carbon tax is a socialist scheme for redistributing the wealth. The Government takes money from “the rich” and gives (some of) it to “the poor” to offset the inevitable price increases and service disruptions caused by the carbon tax. By impacting profits they drive capitalists out of business and take over the entire economy. Sounds like a bad deal for “the poor” in particular.