September 7, 2012

Opinion: Gina Rinehart – Australia Says NO

Gina posted a video the other day talking about how conditions in Australia are too harsh for mining companies such as her own. We all need to drink less and work harder for less money. That’s easy for her to say when she inherited so much of her wealth and leveraged her land rights to form a deal with other big mining companies. Check out this Facebook Page for more on Gina –

  • Philip Austin Caballero

    Well this will useful for my debate tomorrow!!

  • Sharpy

    Would love to know where they got the figures of how much she earned from

  • Kordell

    She has a fortune of $19 billion, all inherited from her father, she is a fat worthless sack of shit who deserves to be stoned to death.

  • Sharpy

    Wow. I’m assuming you failed in life and now hate others because of it

  • Kordell

    No, I haven’t. I just hate the filthy greedy wealthy scum of this world, and she didn’t even work for her money. You are an idiot if you support her

  • Guest

    Rude! Its not nice to assume that!