July 17, 2011

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  • Kundalini

    I don’t know why everyone’s calling it a “tax” when it isn’t.

  • Mindclear

    The definition of sci·ence   /ˈsaɪəns/ Show Spelled[sahy-uhns] Show IPA
    –noun 1. a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws: the mathematical sciences. 2. systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation. 3. any of the branches of natural or physical science

  • Kundalini

    Pot Kettle Black. Tony Abbott isn’t exactly a pillar of honesty when it comes to keeping election promises. Refresh your memory – http://sgp1.paddington.ninemsn.com.au/sunday/political_transcripts/article_1761.asp?s=1

  • Campaisa

    Reducing our carbon foot print is about getting more efficient and using renewable resources. How then is a new government department to administer a new tax being more efficient. Julia, this is the most irresponsible and self serving thing you could have done before loosing the next election.

  • Rosaleen

    Climate Change and

    Without getting into any debate about climate change and
    its causes – it can be factually stated that everyone has a Carbon
    Footprint.  There is the basic one –
    simply to do with the fact of living and breathing, and there is what
    we add to
    that by consumption.

    Everything that we consume has its own footprint.

    It follows that each persons total footprint is a sum of
    their living and being – and their consumption. 
    We need to act to reduce our footprint.

    We are able to measure the footprint of everything we
    consume: raw material extraction/production, manufacturing, and supply
    chain ‘carbon

    I suggest that to bring about behavioural change at each
    point in production, manufacture, and transportation, the government
    should legislate
    to have these carbon costs identified at each point and rated, so that:

    The carbon costs of
    similar goods can be compared Consumers can make
    carbon conscious choices in their consumptionProducers,
    manufacturers, and logistics specialists have an incentive to make
    changed to improve their carbon cost ratings.

    If any tax is required to assist in behavioural change of consumers
    and producers, it should be placed on goods which have unacceptable
    ratings.  This tax will be fair as it
    directly targets polluters – both producers and consumers.

    The current propsal is
    unfair and will not bring about meaningful change.

  • Riverdoctor

    what a load of absolute…. if you believe the tax will have any benefit to the global climate you are easily fooled. Brown/Gillard: redistribution of wealth tax.

  • LEON

    unbelievable CO2 tax!!!! You have Politicians with minnow brains. Manufacturing industry and living costs will rise and then uncompetitive.

    But it helps switching to way of living that is more efficiently.

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  • PJ

    This is a shameful income redistribution tax. Taxing higher income households so the majority will be compensated to emit CO2. What wooduck thought of that?? The happy side of the equation is our lying PM will be sent to political oblivion next election!

  • Jan

    Pretty clear the government doesn’t anticipate the carbon tax will actually be lowering emissions – thye’ve put the scheme in place with a compensation package so they’ve already conceded defeat on a positive environmental contribution!

    It simply means all industries will now be sharing their ‘wealth’. This PM may be “as tough as nails”, but she is also as thick as a brick if she honestly thinks Aussies can’t see through this tax grab!

  • Rschwartz

    I have a dual income family.  50/50 income and three children under 11.  It does not cover this scenario.  Another typical government blunder.  Maybe My family is not normal.  This calculator is just another stupid waste of time and money from our beloved Government.  The other red head, Ronald Mcdonald, could do a better job

  • Greg

    Is it Tax deduct able

  • Thebrocksta

    im a kid and we talk about this all the time, you cant make people pay for living, julia the ranga slut can go fuck her self , there are more civilized poeple then goverment we should take a stand for once you bunch of pussy fucks

  • bob ur rok

    what is with the carbox tax stop and use the proper way we are wasting our money on u julia gilard.

  • Far

    Fuck u carbon tax

  • Far


    What is the
    carbon tax?

    At the
    centre of the government’s policy on climate change is pricing carbon. Many
    commentators and politicians have referred to this as a “carbon tax”. The idea
    is that polluters will pay per tonne of carbon they release into the
    atmosphere. This cost will initially be set at $23, and increase gradually
    until 2015, when we will shift to a trading scheme that will let the market set
    the cost. This is widely thought of as the most effective and least costly
    mechanism to reduce carbon output and reduce the level of climate change that
    is occurring.   Continue Reading…



    What is the
    cost of not acting?

    Aside from a
    swathe of overwhelmingly negative effects to our way of life and the
    environment if we do not make a global effort to fight climate change, there
    are significant risks to the Australian economy if we do not take steps towards
    pricing carbon. John Birmingham of the Sydney Morning Herald published an
    illuminating article detailing how we will end up paying whether or not a price
    on carbon is introduced. The difference is to who that money will go – to
    Australian taxpayers in the form of compensation, or to overseas jurisdictions
    in the form of penalty payments. 
    Continue Reading…



    Is Australia
    acting ahead of others?

    People often
    ask why should Australia act to reduce their carbon pollution when other
    countries are not. The reality is that many other countries have already made
    huge steps towards reducing their carbon output, and that includes developing
    nations like China. Countries have started this transformation to take
    advantage of the economic opportunities stemming from the next stage of global
    development that will be powered by clean energy.  Continue Reading…



    Will the
    carbon tax be used to pay off government debt

    criticism levelled at the carbon tax is that the Labor government is going to
    use it to pay off their debt. This claim is entirely untrue, as the entirety of
    the revenue taken in by the carbon tax will actually be put towards
    compensating taxpayers and affected companies. So much so, in fact, that there
    is an impact of approximately $4 billion to the Federal budget bottom line.



    Did Julia
    Gillard promise no carbon tax?

    Just before
    the 2010 Federal election, Julia Gillard said “There will be no carbon tax
    under the government I lead”, and critics have been calling her a liar ever
    since the multi-party committee on climate change released their statement on
    the plan to price carbon. The issue here is that what has been announced is not
    really a carbon tax.  Continue Reading…


    Change Facts

    Is climate
    change real

    There has
    been much in the media recently about climate change skeptics, such as Lord
    Monckton. They challenge the concept that climate change is occurring and that
    it is caused by humans. Let us look at the facts.  Continue Reading…

    Is climate
    change bad?

    change poses an existential challenge for the future of the human race. Most
    climate change impacts confer few or no benefits, and may do great harm at
    considerable cost. The following list examines the possible outcomes of
    unchecked climate change.  Continue



    What is the
    scientific consensus?

    achieves a consensus when scientists stop arguing. When a question is first
    asked – like ‘what would happen if we put a load more CO2 in the atmosphere?’ –
    there may be many hypotheses about cause and effect. Over a period of time,
    each idea is tested and retested – the processes of the scientific method –
    because all scientists know that reputation and kudos go to those who find the right
    answer (and everyone else becomes an irrelevant footnote in the history of
    science). Nearly all hypotheses will fall by the wayside during this testing
    period, because only one is going to answer the question properly, without
    leaving all kinds of odd dangling bits that don’t quite add up. Bad theories
    are usually rather untidy.  Continue



    Is the sun
    causing global warming?

    Until about
    1960, measurements by scientists showed that the brightness and warmth of the
    sun, as seen from the Earth, was increasing. Over the same period temperature
    measurements of the air and sea showed that the Earth was gradually warming. It
    was not surprising therefore for most scientists to put two and two together
    and assume that it was the warming sun that was increasing the temperature of
    our planet. 

  • Bobby_MARK

    what the fuck is carbon tax

  • Ur_mum

    Ur mum julia gillard

  • Jim

    Fuk carbon tax
    ur mum’s a slut go fuk ur self JULIA GILLARD

  • Ur_mama

    fuck u julia gillard

  • Jim

    Bobby fuk u man

  • Bobby

    fuk u u fuking dick head

  • Rod

    Fuk the carbon tax. Co2 is good for the planet you dumb ass. No co2 no plants. This website is full of lies. There is no consensus among the scientists. Why do you think governments want a carbon tax? more money for them. Haven’t you notice that the only time our government ever does anything is only when they can get money from it.

  • worried

    I am part of a family struggling to pay our mortagage payments and to get by day to day already,even though we have an average income-and now I find that the governments own household assistance calculator shows that we will be at least $200 worse off per year, and of course the goverments estimates are going to be grossly underestimated too, in order to serve their own agenda. The carbon tax will see more families like us struggling to pay their bills, and it will see more people on the streets for sure!

  • Maia

    Hi just food for thought. Check out Obama deception on YouTube. It’s an eye opening 2hour documentary, the second half deals touches on carbon tax.

  • guest

    Has a simalar tax been introduced in other countries

  • Suck It MMM

    Not Happy Jan. Its all a Rort. Tax Tax Tax and more Tax. We may as well work for  Julia and the bureaucrats running this once lucky country. Shame on you Julia, you proved your nose is bigger than Mr Squiggel 

  • Suck It MMM

    Myths and Lies. Absolute Bullshit

  • PsychbusterIanJones

    I have to state here that the Gov will be wiped out completely next election because they cannot see it coming. The blinkers julia wears are bigger than any race horse I’ve seen them on and her narrow mindedness is embarrassing to us and SHOULD be embarrassing to her colleagues who can’t see it.  Her next book in retirement should be called ” Sorry – I couldn’t see ” and I’m sorry again Julia – no one will buy it because they already know the contents. 
    Once a full complete audit has been done on the Gov books after being voted out, The Governor General should have more power to ask for taxpayer’s money back after office when they leave their post in the RED !!!

    Ian Jones

  • Cascadewaters

    Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. It is a gas which comprises most of the atmosphere. We all breathe it. Vegetation ( trees ) rely on it to survive and convert to both Oxygen and Carbohydrates using Photosynthesis.
    The biosphere has a chronic shortage of carbon because it is all locked up in the form of coal, petroleum, limestone and living organisms. Burning coal releases the carbon back into the carbon cycle.

  • Bgsykes

    i feel that it will hurt. saying that they the government want to get in on this climate change business. then do that actually do real things about it. i read that the money they make will pay for this school kids bonus, but that was money we could get back at tax time anyway! Rego will go up, fines will increase. food bills , not to mention fuel even though it won’t have a carbon tax. Get real Julia there is more than one way to skin a cat. You are hurting people.
    Get on you tube and see an older lady confronting julia about the tax. and look at her reaction. She is panicking. We need to stop this before we all end up unemployed and on benefits, than who will pay?

  • Shinesalon

    Good on you Australia, Just shows how reasonable aussies are and also that Australia is ahead of the curve. Doubters should calm down…..wish it wasn’t named “Carbon Tax”….everybody hates Taxes….get it together Labor cause if you don’t then we’ll get Tony Abbott and he is just plain NASTY !

  • Openofficer

    A carbon tax would only make sense if the tax revenue is spent entirely on creating alternative, healthier energy. Otherwise it is simply a way to redistribute wealth and it can not reduce pollution cos the polluters will pass on the cost to consumers anyway…

  • Bsi45

    Everybody is against this Tax- it is absolutely unbelieveable that they are going through with it. Australians should revolt against those idiots in Canberra. I don’t care what crap this web site says- its trying to polish a dog turd!

  • Diannemobbs

    How is the Governement proposing to charge the “Carbon Tax” down the line on every product produced in Australia?
    I am in business and have no idea how my prices will increase from my suppliers as from Sunday 1st July? I have contracts out to October so please Ms Gillard how do I add this “Tax ” to my products?

    Why are we allowing Chinese, Korean and many other countries to purchase our land to mine for coal and send the product to their countries? I would like to know if they are paying “Carbon Tax” on the mined product? Please advise!

  • Endoreticuli@gmail.com

    You goddamn Socialists think you can bullshit your people. Carbon tax is wealth redistribution. Karl Marx would be proud of all you useful idiots!

  • Frederick

    A carbon tax is a market based solution, that can cut pollution while generating revenue. Revenue which can be used to cut socialist income taxes and GST, which punish people for working hard and growing the economy. Abbott’s Direct Action plan to combat climate change is socialist, however, because it increases government spending. It is expensive and ineffectual